Tens of thousands rally in Tel Aviv against government corruption
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 02.12.17, 21:57
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1. corruption in govern. can only exist in capitalistic system
ironbutterly ,   israel   (12.03.17)
Capitalism is a fertile ground for corruption in governments and in all kinds aspects of society. Bribery is the main tool in capitalistic society. Capitalism was founded with two goals in mind: to produce lot and lot of Money for those who know and understand the capitalistic system of how-to-bribe. The second Goal is to divide society into rich and poor. Before Likud came to power, most people in israel, about 75%, were working class, between rich and poor. It means that almost everybody were equal, and only 25% or even less were rich, who lived in Caesaria and Herzlia Pituach.
During the Right regime rein the society went thru transformation, creating very very poor families in hundreds of thousands, and on the other hand created support filthy rich, thanks to easy money in Hi-Tech. US the father mother of capitalism is collapsing, steadily and surely. And together with it it will take israel into a grave.
2. The Lunatic Left organizes these freak-shows, but to no
Israel is on a righteous path and will not be swayed!
3. Unfortunately TA hosts quite a lot of lobotomized zombie-
citizens, unable to form clear, independent thought process.
They are "comfortably numb" in terms of security and finances so they can indulge in mindless, leftist dribble about utopian Piss-Process, "social justice" and other, selected Unicorns featured in Left's Zoo.
4. Respect, we filthy left established the State 4 u!
Enough is Enough! ,   Israel   (12.02.17)
that's right Judah Fred and Maximus Meridius we established the State so that you two would have freedom of speech and even freedom of misspelling in Italian!
(BTW Maximus Meridius - Ze'ev Jabotinsky would be ashamed by your poor grasp of basic Italian!)
5. Garbage
Michael ,   Raanana   (12.03.17)
Even leftist garbage has the right to demonstrate.
Corruption is a monopoly of the leftist, judiciary, media, and politicians.
6. Leftist Mafia Left/Police/Media Witchunt Stop them NOW !!!!
StopLeftistTyranny ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.03.17)
You would have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see what is going
on here an undemocratic attempt to pull down a democratically
elected government . Police Spokeswoman Lapidot in an email
to MK Lapid " We must do everything possible to bring down this
government" what more do you need the police are top heavy
with Leftist top brass This monstrous tyrannical Mafiosa trinity
must be the ones to be brought down not the government !!
7. Netanyahu and supposed corruption
DT ,   TA Israel   (12.03.17)
I thought everyone was innocent until proven guilty. The police have had long enough to put up or shut up. The demo was not against corruption so much as the Left not liking things the way they are
8. The Unholy Trinity Leftist Mafia= Police/Media/Politicians
StopLeftistTyranny!! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.03.17)
Wait till they see the "tens of thousands " at the voting polls next election
who will punish the Leftist Mafia Trinity Left/Police/Media once more
the public will punish them for their tyrannical attempt to overturn
a democratically elected government by electing an even stronger
Nationalist Government ..keep up the good work Leftist Mafia we
know for sure who you all are now / Police Spokeswoman Lapidot
in email to MK Lapid " you can count on me to do whatever is needed
to bring this government down " DISGUSTING AND FRIGHTENING
9. Missing at Demo in TA NO Religious NO Mizrachim =No Success
BoredSecularTelAviv ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.03.17)
10. The Demographics are NOT in Tel Aviv Religious & Mizrachim R
LeftistDeathRattle ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.03.17)
the future of Israel and all the hissy fits of the Left its poodle Media and
the corrupt Police cannot change this trend. Conspicuously missing
at the demonstration were these two huge demographics . Someone
once said "only three things matter in life demographics demographics
and demographics"
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