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Hamas accuses Palestinian Authority of blocking reconciliation
Published: 02.12.17, 23:52
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1. and so it begins ......
steve s   (12.03.17)
Hamas will begin a campaign to blame the suffering in Gaza on Fatah. Hamas's goal is to win a general election and take control of all of Palestine. It is a childish strategy ........ which could work.
2. A "palestinian" civil war,
A ,   OutThere   (12.03.17)
one way to get rid of the islamic parasites threatening Israel.
3. steve s. "take control of all of Palestine"
A ,   OutThere   (12.03.17)
Just one problem with your lame observance...there is no "palestine" to take control of. Or are you suggesting Hamas is going to attack Israel and/or Jordan?
4. Fatah and Hamas - Same bed fellows
The Archives   (12.16.17)
This two factions belong together in the same mud pit - always throwing mud at each other. Israel would do wonders by not getting any of the shit thrown in the middle of the crossfire.
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