Government approves 'supermarkets bill'
Tovah Tzimuki, Moran Azulay
Published: 03.12.17, 12:31
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1. For once he's correct.
2. Will backfire on religious
me ,   ta   (12.03.17)
Because secular (those who wok and pay taxes) will not live in cities that close on Shabbat.They will move to Tel Aviv, and pay their taxes there. The Haredi-only cities will find themselves with no money (because of the municipal tax breaks given to families with over 5 children = haredi).
3. Was it not for Herzl
Avi L.   (12.03.17)
Was it not for Herzl Deri would be in some moroccan ghetto at the mercy of islamic mobs

Shame on him
4. next up legislating driving on Yom Kippur...
CCR ,   Israel   (12.03.17)
at the moment none of us (religious, non-religious, non-Jewish) drive on Yom Kippur...but you know one of these fools is going to legislate that we NOT drive on Yom Kippur and then boom! We'll all be on the road on Yom Kippur.
Same thing with this ridiculous law...the more they try to legislate our religious practices the more people will feel impelled do break with religious practices.
5. Admonitions
Michael ,   Manchester   (12.03.17)
Lieberman should read 2 chapters in Torah: Ki Tavo and Bechuckotai to understand a cause and effect and then dwell on what happened to the assimilated European Jewry 75 years ago. Our Torah is historically, archaeologically and prophetically correct. We are only a few months or a few years away from a major war. Lets give ourselves the benefit of the doubts and observe the mitzvot.
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