Opinion  Shimon Shiffer
Trump’s Jerusalem declaration could ignite a major fire
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 04.12.17, 10:48
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1. Woe us all: The Uncontrollable Rage of Muslims! Ha-ha-ha....
2. Pathetic. Pathetic. And even more Pathetic!
george ,   ashdod   (12.04.17)
Good grief. The Palestinians threaten everyone with violence every time something comes along they don't like. First the magnetometers and now this. Next it will be the cost of cottage cheese. How have we become so cowardly that we kowtow to their every threat?

3. Like a drug addict Shiffer&Co want to gamble Israel's existe
ab   (12.04.17)
-nce on "initiative",well knowing the only thing that would appease pals is their "right of return",demise of Israel.
Anything else would only vet their appetite.
Shiffer is a pal shill.
4. " could put the Hashemite Kingdom’s actual existence in
A ,   OutThere   (12.04.17)
danger." The phony "Hashemite Kingdom" was in danger the moment the British, in all of their mighty imperial ignorance, imported one tribal leader from Saudi Arabia to rule over other islamic tribes in exchange for oil rights. At the very worst, the little king will run away to live in luxurious exile in England with his family while the various islamic tribes will destroy themselves fighting over "palestine".
5. stop spreading fear
C   (12.04.17)
the arabs have been threatening israel and the west for decades.
islamic terror dates to decades, even before israel's independence.
it is time to let these terrorists know that their time is up.
people world wide have been robbed of their freedoms because
muslims feel entitled.
6. I admit: I missed this fool's "articles".Just to be reminded
of how right I am! :-)
Welcome back dear clown...Shiffer.
7. Tel Aviv was and is a Real Capital of Zionist Enterprise.
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (12.04.17)
8. In support of President Trump if he declares what is true,
Rivkah   (12.04.17)
that Yerushalayim is the capital of Israel (and always has been to haShem), please pray for peace in Yerushalayim so there will be peace in the world. HaShem is able to keep the peace if the people who are called by His Name repent of their sins and ask haShem for peace in Yerushalayim. All could get right with the world if only the people who are called by His Name would unite in repentance and prayers for peace in Yerushalayim.
9. Imbecile Shiffer returns and is worse than ever
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.04.17)
10. It is exactly the right time when Sunni Rulers need Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.04.17)
The fire has been burning since the world was turning ,in other words for years.
Because before Trump's upcoming Declaration there has always been peace and tranquility and total agrrement over Jerusalem .
14. and what did the Oslo "Peace" Process ignite..1,200 dead
LeftistFearTactics ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.04.17)
Jewish men women and children hundreds more seriously injured
and millions more traumatized stop your fear tactics we know
who and what we are dealing with and we will never allow another
Oslo 2 Horror Show to occur
15. His fate will rise or fall on this decision
HisBaseIsWaiting ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.04.17)
He will lose his largest and base support if he decides not to do this
Evangelical Christians in US (70- 100 million in US 800 million in world )
at least a third if not half of his electoral support on the other hand he will go down in history as having corrected an obscene historical injustice to an ancient people he has nothing to lose he is his own self made man owes nothing to anyone lets see what he is made of .
16. "Palestinians" & leftists are great reverse barometers
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.04.17)
Pathetic Shiffer is scared that Israel is gaining more respect. Shiffer is scared that "Palestinians" won't be happy that Israel , and her allies, aren't kissing their boots. Jerusalem has belonged to Jews for more than 4,000 years. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Eternal Capital is the right thing to do. "Palestinians" and dumb Israeli leftists, like Shiffer, are great reverse barometers. They oppose everything good for Israel and support everything bad for Israel.
Can the fellow not make a decision ,or is he always too anxious?
If the fellow can not make a decision ,then he is unfit to hold the office he currently holds.
19. The fellow is still with sara that sums it all.
Orgasmicstan ,   SAFED SEXOLOGY   (12.04.17)
The pm is a salesman, an advertiser not a statesman. Maybe he is restrained by his woman
20. Man, have faith in Mad King Donald
Cameron   (12.05.17)
He will make his move.
21. Compared to other current fires in region, Trump's new fire
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.05.17)
will be miniscule
22. Like the Millennium bug in 2000?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.05.17)
Warnings from all the "experts" about how the world would fall into chaos.

Nothing happened so stop panicking.

Nothing will happen beside hysterical demo's & burning of some cities by fanatic Arabs/Muslims......but hey, they don't need Jerusalem for that.
23. The impostor from Minn has completely lost her/his mind.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.06.17)
At the peak of stupidity, the mad dog is barking and nobody pays any attention. The emergency rooms will not admit such an incorrigible idiot anymore. But maybe at the home base in Mecca, a bed can be found in an institution ...?
24. Shiffer's Jewish Soul died long ago
DeadJewishSouls ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.06.17)
Shiffer's Tel Aviv is where Jewish Souls go to die Tel Aviv is
one huge cemetery for the Jewish Soul every time you have
no choice but to enter it you should say Kaddish for them
25. No American President will bring preace
Tova   (12.06.17)
Trump is not and will not and should not be blamed for the wars to come. Trump is doing what every American persident promised and never delivered.

Trump is showing the world he is a man who is not afraid of Islam. He is one man who stands against the evil.

Trump was chosen by GOD for this purpose.

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