Netanyahu: 'I asked for the recommendations bill to not apply to me'
Moran Azulay
Published: 03.12.17, 14:35
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1. bibi is covering his rear end
marv   (12.03.17)
why did such a bill come up in the first place if not for bibi's insecurity about the police? Now he plays th e other side saying it should not apply to him but to others. these are the words of a small time crook in my opinion. i have little doubt that he will be indicted along with his wife. he can speak to olmert about what jail life is like.

it is up to the AG to decide on indictment but police have a role in relaying their evidence to the prosecutor in charge. leaks shouldn't be tolerated to avoid appearances of bias much like journalist leaks.imagine if olmert had such a shield. he would have given away most of west bank, possibly even parts of the golan.

perhaps there should be a time limit since the cops seem to take forever to ivestigate.

bibi is toast as far as israelis are concerned. and the main reason are not gifts but the gaza war where bibi's idf commando service was not up to the job, not at all. since lapid was also a bust in the gaza war, israelis really do need to look at the bennett as the best leader out there.

gabbbay is weak like herzog and his bubble will also break. i wouldn't trust him with Israeli security.

2. I'm a Jew
shachalnur ,   amsterdam   (12.03.17)
and the behaviour of your political leaders,and their opinions ,are becoming a source of shame for Jews wordlwide.
Your shameful National politics,calling the whole world Nazis and anti-Semites.
the desperation and panic is showing..
i find it hard to imagine Israel having a future unless at least in words,your political leaders understand there's a world outside Israel.including Jews ,who might have problems not feeling fysically sick.
because what's happening in Israel by now is exactly that: Sick.
like this you have no future.
and you can't expect anybody to defend you,unless they are blackmailed or brownstoned
3. this bill will not help Bibi but we need a bill like this
zionist forever   (12.03.17)
Long term we need either a bill like this or something more the line of a gagging order so any police investigations must be held behind closed doors without the public being informed of the progress of the investigtions. The reason for this is because politicians need to get elected and if they have a trial by media before the investigations are complete then even if they are found to be innocent it can ruin their career and they will not get reelected. Keep it quiet whilst the investigation goes on there is no trial by media and the public will find out when investigations are complete and decision on weather to prosecute or not is made.
4. Liar?
Avi L.   (12.04.17)
5. why?
steve s   (12.04.17)
Why are so many worked up by this bill? The police will still investigate matters. The police will still pass completed investigations on to the AG's office along with their conclusions. The AG will decide if indictments are to be issued based on the law. Prosecutors will then do their jobs. The only thing missing is the public disclosure of the police recommendation, which is premature. The system is not being circumvented as so many seem to believe.
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