Jordan, Egypt warn US against recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital
Roi Kais
Published: 04.12.17, 09:13
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1. Who sez the US isn't sufficiently involved in the ME?
Cameron   (12.04.17)
2. A joke
befare ,   Sweden   (12.04.17)
and a stupid one, sad to say. What about the Saudis?
3. Declaring Jerusalem as Israel's capital is long overdue.
Ezra   (12.04.17)
What a stupid comment from Mark Sherry. Just another ignorant leftistTrump hater.
Robert ,   Israel   (12.04.17)
Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital is what the United States of America considers right for them.
Muslims have diferent ideas. The US is not obliging muslims to do the same.
The US wont' succumb to muslim pressure. The US recognition is the first step of what occidental world wants to do but is still afraid to do so because of muslim menaces..
5. Time to make these Muslim clowns realize where them fishes
pee from!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (12.04.17)
shoved in the sand. All the delegates come to Jerusalem to meet BB, anyways. It is already the capital for so many many years. Muslims just waste their own time trying to undo something that they never had any control of.
7. Recognizing Jerusalem, a reason for violence?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.04.17)
This proves the true intentions of 'peace partners' Egypt & Jordan.

Why is Jerusalem their concern?

Jerusalem was, is and always will be the Capital of Israel, with or without recognition from anyone.

Jerusalem, build by the Jewish King David and not by a Muslim Imam, Arab Sheikh or "Palestinian" contractor.

The prove lies in in the stones & history of Jerusalem!

The correct status of Jerusalem as the Jewish capital of Israel, denied by Arabs, EU & United Nations against Israel has more to do with political BS, financial needs & Judophobic inheritance.

8. Jordan, Egypt cannot dictate US foreign policy
C   (12.04.17)
the muslims conduct foreign policy through threats.
the arabs are totally dependent on the us for their security,
but their islamist ideology trumps all other interests.
even seculars like gheit are unable to compromise.
9. we don't want a Palestinian state any more
Khalil ,   Ramallah   (12.04.17)
The most important factor is that we stay living on this land and we will do forever and we will be a majority under an apartheid system but eventually we will get out equal rights in a one country solution. Apartheid can't last forever!
10. Time for Jordan and Egypt to grow up. No more threats.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.04.17)
For the last 40 years, every time anyone said something that might be constructive to the peace process, these losers could only offer threats as their contribution. Egypt is a hotbed of Muslim extremism, with Muslims slaughtering each other almost weekly. If that's not bad enough, the Egyptian government has turned a blind eye to the catastrophe befalling the Christian minority at the hands of the Muslims. (Why is the Pope silent on this??)

Jordan exists as a state only because Israel needs it as a buffer. The King has millions of 'Palestinians' that he treats as second-class citizens. That either of these countries believe they have the right to tell any other country how to behave is simply delusional.

President Trump should recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (not that it matters to Israel, though.) Once the 'Jerusalem question' is settled by this recognition, the actual peace process should start moving forward. If it doesn't, it is only because the Arabs have never wanted peace, they want all of Israel.
11. Arabs would rather commit suicide with Iran on their back
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.04.17)
than accept Jerusalem as Israel's capital
12. Perfect exit excuse
Avi L.   (12.04.17)
They just gave Donald Da Mighty Tweeter the excuse to do nothing looking good while doing it.

It was a show, he is a "reality show" product, he thinks that at a certain point lights go off and he goes back to whatever he is doing when not on stage.

But in real reality lights don't go off.

Anyhow he kept his audience of believers happy while playing the great state man who takes decisions, kind of a self made Bush Junior the second.

Just a show waiting for the FBI to come and get him.
13. idiotic mini-drama
steve s   (12.04.17)
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The Israelis determine that, it is their nation. For this to become an international topic of debate is ridiculous. The Arab nations cannot solve their own internal issues yet involve themselves in all matters within Israel. Grow up, and quit trying to divert attention from your own shortcomings.
14. Arab Leaders Afraid of Their Own Monster
Joe ,   MIA   (12.04.17)
So Arab leaders have been brain washing their own people for years, infusing in their people's learning that the Jews only try to dominate the world, that the Jews drink the blood of Arab kids, that the Jews just built out the story of their connection with Israel land, and so on...... BUT NOW, SAME ARAB LEADERS ARE AFRAID OF GETTING THIS HATE TEACHING EXPLODING IN THEIR OWN HANDS!!
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