Rishon LeZion mayor detained in Bitan scandal
Ynet reporters
Published: 04.12.17, 16:00
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1. openly embraced by arab countries in 50 to 100 years
ed   (12.04.17)
bibi says arab countries will openly embrace israel in 50 to 100 years. something wrong occurred during bibi's upbring much as with trump. the man is disconnected from reality. just as in the gaza war where he could not internalize the threat of tunnels and did nothing about them until bennett forced the issue, his understanding of arabs is near zero. they will not welcome israel in 1000 years unless israel becomes arab in religious terms. and even then, it would be temporary since they attack each other incessantly.

the only reason why bibi is pm is because most of the opposition is like beilin and israelis saw how that blew up body parts and all. as for ehud barak and his sniping, he was a disaster as pm much as he did a lousy job with the marmora.

bennett and feiglin are far superior to bibi. jews have this moment of reality testing. do you want to go to the forests with bielski and struggle and fight, or do you want to go with the shtetl jews lapid gabbay and herzog and be slaughtered like lambs. get ready, if you vote for lapid or gabbay and their concessions, you will be slaughtered like lambs. then you can cry why did we vote for them.

bibi is not a good pm but he was voted in because isfraeli had enough of barak's bs concessions and do nothing, olmert livni ramon same thing, and herzog same thing.

now it is time to do the right smart thing and vote bennett or feiglin.
2. Likud party advancing by kleptocracy into jail!
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