Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
To return to power, Left must avoid repeating past mistakes
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 05.12.17, 23:37
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1. I love leftist
Joseph ,   USA   (12.05.17)
They are really funny and make me laugh at them. Incorrupt left ð゚リツð゚リツð゚ᄂᆪð゚ᄂᆪ.
Another case of the kettle calling the pan black.
2. Political hallucinations if there ever were any...
3. "Past mistakes"?! Left IS one big mistake, there're no
particular single events that caused its decline. The whole ideology, especially in regard to our mortal, Arab foe is one misguided (and very costly) "mistake".
4. i would not support lapid gabbay and herzog livni
martin   (12.06.17)
i had enough of olmert livni who bungled the hezbollah war and un resolutions. they cannot be trusted on security and don't know the first thing about how to negotiate/ likewise and herzog. who on earth announces concessions in advance?? That is not the way to negotatiate. while gabbay is slightly different, he adopted the olso model which demonstrably does not work and will never work. lapid also is disqualified on security as his performance in the gaza war was terrible.

so while i prefer bennett, feiglin, saar and barkat, and would like to see bibi go, i will not vote for yesh atid, or labour, no way.
5. Basic Law
Hayyim Edinburg ,   Ra'anana ISRAEL   (12.06.17)
Yemini Everything you write is based on assumption and not on fact.. Sounds you are asking for a libel action against you. Basic law is "Every Person is innocent until proved guilty".
There can NEVER be two states in this tiny area. Give the Arabs a state here and you create the death of Israel. Maybe you should think in terms of
Tolerate Likud and Its leaders and SAVE ISRAEL
6. You ask 'how"? By having lemmings for citizens!
7. For Israel's sake: vote only for patriotic rightists
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.06.17)
Israelis should never let the left govern again. Israel still suffers from the hideous disaster of Oslo, which got nearly 20,000 Israelis maimed and murdered. Far from apologizing for Oslo, Gabbay's Labor wants to create a new terror state in the heart of our sole tiny Homeland and turn Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp. Don't listen to leftist lies. For Israel's sake; vote only for patriotic rightists.
8. Us Jewry is hostile towards Israel not the other way around
US Jewry supported the Iran Agreement, Consider Trump a Jew-hater, fund and support nearly every NGO hostile towards Israel and Jews on the level of calling for its destruction and supporting terrorism.

They enable Jew haters in media and on campus and as can be seen in the Congressional Committee on Antisemitism on Campus a portion of Jews who are openly anti-Jewish and clearly hostile to Israel and its interests.

Left wing "The end justifies the means" Narrative over fact and reality.

As Ben Shapiro states, US left wing Jews have switched their ideology from Judaism to Leftism which in todays age is closer to fascism than liberalism.
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