Muslim nations call for summit if Trump recognizes Jerusalem
Published: 04.12.17, 19:06
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Robert ,   Israel   (12.04.17)
MUSLIM NATIONS ARE REALLY DESPERATE. Their poker game is falling apart !!!
2. Is that so Muslims? In this case Trump will let Iran eat you
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.04.17)
3. Islam is a religion of wars and deceits
C   (12.04.17)
islam has not advanced since the seventh century because it was occupied
by imperial wars and conquests.

islam once again wants to start a religious war over the city of david,
seat of zion, which has been a jewish city for three thousand years.
islam is inciting the muslim masses without any regard to consequences.
yet, whatever the muslims say or threaten, jerusalem will remain
jewish and the eternal undivided capital of the sovereign jewish state.
4. Russia recognized Jerusalem months ago - admit its political
Reality Check   (12.04.17)
5. Mr.
Roland ,   london England   (12.04.17)
What makes the Arab Rulers so angry if instead of commuting from Tel Aviv the American Administration cuts the time down by establishing their embassy in Jerusalem where all the action is...Knesset President Prime Minister High Court etc. They are all servants of all the people ,this includes Arabs and Jews,.The best man for the job ,as equality is stressed for all.They claim Jerusalem without any historical background.We made a mistake in handing over the Temple Mount ,where we inflicted our own injustice on ourselves ( via Moshe Dayan. )Let them sit down and discuss their one sided grievances .A rush to arms as expected from our enemies ,will solve nothing.Let Trump make the move as promised This sensible move if carried out should not affect Israeli and Moslem relationships adversely .We are prepared to share the amenities of the city.Trump has nothing to do with an elusive Peace between us
6. only thing ...
steve s   (12.04.17)
The only thing the Arab Muslims agree on is hatred for Israel. They lie, cheat, and murder themselves ....... and often blame Israel for it. They act offended by every act done by Israel, yet much of what is wrong in the world is done by Arab Muslims. I am bored and disgusted by this repetition.
7. Yerushalayim shel zahav !
Tehraniporou   (12.04.17)
8. This should show you, how the reign of Obama has brought USA
to its political knees. Today Trump trembles at the thought of having to assert some basic national dignity and "recognize"(what an idiotic notion) Jerusalem as our Capital or/and move the Embassy to said location!
9. Love my President
Kpasa ,   Augusta   (12.06.17)
You can summit up to done!!! Lmbo!!!
And now you need to suck it up. Its over! God just got the green light to End of Days! Now wheres that red heifer?????
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