Israeli, Palestinian flags spark fight on campus
Shahar Hay, Yael Friedson
Published: 04.12.17, 20:53
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1. Open support for terror by arab 5th column freeloaders.Stop
ab   (12.04.17)
donations to HU whose "leadership" is dying to please mortal enemies. Ghetto Jews !!!!!!
2. Those which Muslim nations call terrorist roam free Israel
3. One million Muslims expelled in Burma. Israel do them same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.04.17)
4. Cut the B..ANYbody can come to campus to show their own flag
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (12.05.17)
5. What did our court do? Stopped the Jews!
6. Extreme Western Values will destroy Israel Yr In MiddleEast!
How2SelfDestruct ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.05.17)
If Israel doesn't stop trying to impress the world that it is the most and
truly is the most anarchistic democracy in world history it will
self destruct what country for example allows its parliament members
to call for its destruction or openly support those that murder its
citizens ? Most of the Western World realizes they themselves
have gone to far BUT NOT ISRAEL hell bent on democratically
destroying us in the name of Free Speech and Democracy/Anarchy
Ego Maniacal Rotten "leaders" will be the death of us all !
7. Only Unstable Insecure "Leaders' allow this madness
RottenInsecureLeadrs ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.05.17)
More interested in what the world will think of them than
the pride and even safety of its citizens what will it take
to wake this nation up that it needs honest leaders
fearless leaders sane leaders truly proud leaders not just words
another example a sane self assured leader would see that
their nation had at least ONE only One Pro Zionist Television News
8. Arab non sense
Ron ,   LA   (12.05.17)
The arabs on campus should mo be allowed to fight the war of 48. The offending arabs need to be shown the door. Israeli colleges turning to UCI as an example. The Jews need to take back their country from the evil courts and lame college administrators.
9. Poor journalism
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (12.05.17)
Strange how there is an altercation but the reporter neglects to state who threw the first punch? Yet all the talkbacks assume it was the Arabs? Why? Your racism is showing
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