MK Bitan's wife questioned in corruption probe
Meir Turgeman, Gilad Morag
Published: 05.12.17, 11:04
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1. Worse Corrupt Police & Corrupt Media will destroy us first
HowToDestroyAnation   (12.05.17)
How to destroy a democratic nation in addition to corrupt officials
do this
Impose your minority ( Leftist ) political view on the nation by :
disregarding the voters choice
and instead
rule by corrupt media
corrupt police and
corrupt supreme court
Police have one million people in their records do what they say
or else ....make politicians due your will or a media leak appears
create complete disrespect for all the institutions of democracy themselves
to the point where voters give up and see no hope of
their elected officials as having any real power
Make no mistake in addition to the corruption of officials there
is a master plan here at work to bring down a right wing Nationalist
Government BY ANY MEANS by the powerful LEFT
Media Police and Supreme Court
the real money and power is with the corrupt Left make no mistake
this is not about justice its about a totally undemocratic Post Zionist
Leftist Power Grab Putsch !!!! Wake UP and DONT LET IT HAPPEN !
2. If proven to be true: shouldn't the fact that it is Arab
mafia that receives the benefits be a mitigating factor in the eyes our leftist justice system?? Just asking.
3. Likud party advancing by kleptocracy into jail!
Sameach Tet ,   Israel   (12.06.17)
Just one question: which prison will host Likud-iada 2018?
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