Turkey, Palestinians warn of diplomatic cuts over Jerusalem
Associated Press
Published: 05.12.17, 12:40
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1. OMG Turkey and PA are threatening to break ties
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.05.17)
I didn’t know we had any
2. Diplomatic cuts over denying Independence to Kurdistan?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.05.17)
3. How about threatening/blackmailing us with the ultimate:
you promise to stop breathing altogether??!
4. Erdogan is a coward. Wouldn't cut diplomatic ties with US.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.05.17)
US is the one making the declaration not Israel.
5. Turkish academics on trial for issuing declaration for peace
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.05.17)
6. Perfect
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (12.05.17)
Israel must separate from these evil entities.
7. blackmail, blackmail & blackmail by the usual suspects
tiki ,   belgium   (12.05.17)
PA terrorist leader & Turkey's fascist leader warning again.

It's an absolute scandal that Jerusalem hasn't been recognized as Israel's capital decades ago.

Israel, like the rest of the world has only one capital and it's called
Jerusalem. There was/ is absolutely no reason not to recognize this fact.

That Arabs wanted something else, like to strangulate the State of Israel but didn't succeed...........tough!

That Europeans wanted something else and finish the job of Auschwitz but didn't succeed...........tough!

Now it's up to Trump to prove he's a leader and turn wrong into right, despite all the huffs & puffs and blackmail from the usual suspects.
8. Turkey is a joke,,,,,,,,
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.05.17)
but the white meat sure taste good. Turkey, these Khazar Gog and Magog "Fake Jews"/"Fake Muslims invaded the so-called holy land in 1521 AD under the Ottoman Empire fulfilling prophecy. After 300 odd years white European non Semites, the Ashkhenazi Gog and Magog(Fake Jews) filtered in this region and eventually thru force established the so-called Jewish "state", Turkey allowed this and didn't really give a f--k. Turkey held/holds the diwans, census stats as to landowners prior to the European "Fake Jew" invasion.If the embassy is moved to Jerusalem it will only mean prophecy is being fulfilled as Satan, The Anti-Christ takes his seat in the holy land officially. Who cares,,, go on and fulfill prophecy then Ezekiel 38:19 will come into place and Jesus Christ will Quake the sh-t out of this abomination and we the world can all live in Peace, a Peace that the world has not known and these Devils will never know. Peace is God's Holy Name.
9. Too much trade
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (12.05.17)
According g to Yedioth Ahronot there is about a $5.6B trade economy between Turkey and Israel and it is relatively balanced. Think Turkey wants to give that up? Me neither.
10. why ....
steve s   (12.05.17)
Why does Erdogan interfere in other peoples issues (Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Kurdistan, etc) when he is so busy at home arresting teachers and journalists? If the US recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital, what are the odds Erdogan will blame it on Gulen?
11. Mr.
Roland ,   london England   (12.05.17)
Trump counter attack:"How powerful can you be without US Dollars in your kitty "?
12. Israeli Friends please...
Taner Thompson ,   Turkey + Switzerland   (12.05.17)
Hi, First of all sorry for my bad english!
Israeli Friends please dont make the whole turkish people responsible
for this Erdogan. I hate him too. Most of the Turks dont vote for him, arround 60% from turkey are Secular Turks . And 40% vote for AKP but the 3/4from them(30%) vote ONLY for Economic Reasons. Turkey has earlier very bad Economy , and now most Turks earn arround 700Euro in average. if the Economy goes down then Erdogan must go. People vote only for Economic Reasons,not for his islamic Politics . Every Israeli who was in Turkey, can say that we are not Antisemits. Bevore the Israeli State was founded we had arround half million Turkish Jews.After Israel was founded ,Mossad has the most Turkish Jews transferred to Israel.And now we have only,unfortunately, arround 20000 Jews Most of them lives in Istanbul and the 2nd City is Izmir. We have arround 70active Synagogue's and other 35(inactive) Synagogues, that means something more than 105 (arround). And like i said 70 are Active 35 are inactive after so much Turkish Jews go to Israel. You cant find so much Synagogues in a other Muslim Country than in Turkey. And we are one of the First Country who has reconized Israel as State and from the Muslims we was the First who reconized Israel as State. Dont hate us, the Turks are your Friends! and i wish that we have a good relationship like earlier , before erdogan was the PM of Turkey.
Greetins from Turkey....
13. Someone please tell these two that Obama is no longer POTUS
Alan   (12.05.17)
14. Our Eternal Capital versus relations with terrorists?
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.05.17)
Israel shouldn't have relations with the terrorist P.A. in the first place. "Palestine" is an evil hoax concocted to help Israel's enemies destroy her. Now is the time for Israel to end the sham, once and for all, by ending the mad flow of Israeli food, money, work permits, electricity, protection etc. which keeps the fictional abomination of "Palestine" afloat.
15. Turkey now is Anti - Semitic islamic terrorist state
Aram ,   Sofia   (12.05.17)
The time has come for the world to help the kurds to have their own land back from the turkish ocupiers- Eastern Anatolia. We're working on it. errDOGan is an idiot.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (12.06.17)
noble Muslim again, and start Jerusalem chest thumping. iIt is teh easiest way to gain supporters since it a fictional goal that will never mount to anything, but will get lots of illitarte idiots following you on the way to the fictional paradise. This is the ultimate mullah playing card.
17. Shloime,Toronto
Taner Thompson ,   Turkey   (12.07.17)
Yea you have right. i wished, we can upgrade our 700 M60A3(TTS) like the Deal we maked earlier. But israel have stopped to upgrade after the diplomatic issue with turkey. But Israel have 170 Sabra Tanks upgraded from the M60A3-TTS, but the deal was the complete upgrade from all our M-60 tanks. But now, it was better if Israel would sell us Turks their Super Tank
Merkava Mark IV . This tank is brutal, and full equipped with defensive Armor. For me its the best Tank in the World. But in reallity, Israel dont sell us any Army Products. And by the way, most of you say everytime israel should support kurdistan. did you know that PKK and PLO has attacked many many times Israelis from Syria? You didnt know that right? But we turks ,dont have attacked you any time and never. But the Kurds has attacked you many many times in 1980-1990. dont forget that!
18. Turkey wealth came from Jews
Tova   (12.07.17)
During WW2 Turkey gave Jews visa to escape the Nazis. Turkey forged false passports for Jews. In exchange visa was given to Jewish doctors, professors and other highly educated Jews.

Turkey gave these Jews a good life in Turkey. In return the Turkish population had received modern education. The Turkish government finally went from primitive to modernization.

As the Turkish people became educated they envied the Jews and began there own Jihad against the Jews who the Turkish government gave false documents to.

As the years went by Jews no longer held the status they once had. Jews were forced to convert to Islam and some did and some escaped the persecution. After WW2 these Jews went to America, some returned to Europe and some went to Israel.

19. makes sense .......
steve s   (12.07.17)
So Turkey and the PA will sever political ties with Israel because the US acknowledged Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. That makes perfect sense to me .......... no .......... wait, that makes no sense and is idiotic. How can Erdogan and Abbas call themselves leaders when their brains are scrambled?
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