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Haredi singer performs with eyes shut to avoid seeing women dance
Ran Boker
Published: 05.12.17, 14:56
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1. Blind Willy Razel
Stevie Wonder ,   Jerusalem   (12.05.17)
Robert ,   Israel   (12.05.17)
Unfortunately, there are also stupid Jews. Where does it say in the TORAH that a haredi Jew can not look at women?. G'd gave us eyes to see, ears to hear and a mouth to eat and say nonsenses.
3. How can the artist sing without " feeling"
Alan   (12.05.17)
4. xxx
5. Amazing
Alan ,   Brooklyn   (12.05.17)
It's amazing that after all these sex scandals taking place on a daily basis society at large still fails to comprehend the benifit of avoiding the opposite sex.
6. make up your mind
mike north ,   karmiel israel   (12.05.17)
If you feel your singing will produce this effect then simply stop performing.Covring your eyes then uncovering them looks so stupid.
Secular Jews and feminists will immediately criticize you and shout you down.

7. Can't have it both ways
Gimmie a Break ,   Jlem   (12.05.17)
Everyone wants #metoo where any man who acts out on sexual impulse with a woman should be shamed but then also want to shame somebody who is doing what he feels is right to withhold his sexual impulses. News flash - men are designed to be sexually attracted to women - I don't know why this is so hard to stomach for people. Any normal healthy man who sees an attractive woman will feel sexual feelings for her. You can't both attach those who act on that feeling as well as those who try to guard themselves from it. He's not trying to tape over anybody else's eyes, just his own so leave the guy alone and focus on your own life.
8. Why stop at tape? Cast out his eyes he should!
Glinda ,   Israel   (12.05.17)
9. Hah!
Moshe ,   Israel   (12.05.17)
So is he a virgin?
10. Nonsense - but I salute him
Zvi Lando ,   Jerusalem   (12.05.17)
I have always said that if men have a problem looking at women, they can always blindfold themselves. I read about Hareidim using special glasses that blur their vision which was a variation of my idea.
Personally, I may think they are sill, stupid and crazy - BUT.. this is MUCH better than demanding women put bags around themselves like our neighbors do....
11. Where is it Kabul?
Avi L.   (12.05.17)
12. The real question should be
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (12.05.17)
Why aren't the women more modest, so that the low spiritual crowd doesn't have a heart attack from seeing someone trying to observe their faith. Not everyone finds immodesty to be the only acceptable form of behavior.
13. Yonaton ignore the Rabbi
Tova   (12.06.17)
GOD created men & women. Yonatan. You were born of a woman. Do not allow yourself to be poisoned by the rabbi. When you cover your eyes infront on women, you have insulted GOD. This is part the rabbi doesn't tell you and you are old enough to know better.

GOD gave women a voice and body and mind the same as he did when GOD created Adam & Eve. Yonatan do not sell your soul to the devil
14. More proof that the Haredim have become a group
Al   (12.07.17)
Of effin inbred retards. Nothing to do with our great religion.only with their straight out lunacy. Normal Jews need to divorce themselves from these maniacs.
15. Just like in Buddhism, he probably thinks he's achieving a
"higher" level of consciousness :-))
Gauging out his eyes shall be his Zen!
16. Crazy Haredis & Crazy ReformConsv Resconstructionists
SitBack&EnjoyShow ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.09.17)
Who is loonier the extreme Haredi or the extreme "Liberal Jew" Reform
"Conservative" ? or the ultimate Jewish Loonatic movement "Reconstructionist" with a dash of Jewish Self Haters ( Saunders)
Cults all ,17th Century Haredi or Lets play Mickey Mouse Judaism "Jews"
happily most Jews are in the middle just watching the show happy
to be traditional Jews building a healthy and strong Jewish Nation

17. No crazier than "Hollywood Naked" is it really ?
AconfusedWorld ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.09.17)
If he appeared butt naked no one in the media would have said
a thing in fact they would have all smiled
Are they really any crazier than many who walk around half naked
on the streets? ( oh sorry that's a right I forgot and human nature be dammed) an over sexed culture is healthy right maybe not , society
completely confused especially young people now healthy relations
between male and female are added to the confusion , I don't
think he was so crazy just sending a message that things
have gotten way out of wack in society maybe cause a seriously
needed discussion of what's happening the real message he was sending
18. big deal.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (12.13.17)
Most married couples close their eyes during the performance too.
19. #14 AL
I only wish one could say you are wrong or mistaken .Sadly you are correct, Haredim have become an eccentric sect And by the way ,a man who does not look at women will end up looking at fellow men or worse...
A man who does not look at women will just end up looking at other men in a sexual or lustful way . It is just unnatural not to look....
And it never did me any harm...
24. God's creation.
The Archives   (12.17.17)
God created jewish girls to be more sexy than their arabic counterparts. What is there to be ashamed of? Maybe he should find a sexy israelite girl to marry, eh?
25. His music sounds pretty good
Apple1 ,   US   (12.18.17)
He plays the keyboard so well he doesn't have to look at it.
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