Gabbay slams Likud over mounting corruption scandals
Moran Azulay, Attila Somfalvi and Yishai Porat
Published: 05.12.17, 15:27
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1. shut up about israeli operations
beryl   (12.05.17)
gabbay shows why he cannot handle israeli security. he opens his big mouth on israeli operations. shut up and show some wisdom.
2. 12+ Likudnik mayors convicted or indicted plus...
miki ,   jerusalem   (12.05.17)
those others all convicted and who led the corruption and worse in the Likud - Moshe Katzav. Ehud Olmert, Tzhachi HaNegbi, Avraham Hirschson, Itzhak Mordecai, Naomi Blumenthal, Michael Gorlovsky, Yehiel Hazan, Shmuel Rechtman, Omri Sharon. How dcan anyone say they are corrupt
3. wasnt Barak given a free pass ? Perez? Hertzog?
maybe both sides are corrupt but the left rules the court system?
4. Seems like The Ant-Zionist camp won't need the Arab votes in
order to advance its disastrous policies and gain seats in next elections: it'll all be courtesy of our dear Likudniks themselves!
5. Yeah Our first Tatooed Prime Minister he'll save us ...
DeadJewishSouls ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.06.17)
6. Left must never return to power no more Oslo Horrors
AnthyingButTheLeft ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.06.17)
Only a suicidal nation would put the murderous Oslo Left back
in power this will never happen. Gabbai and his ilk are the
Tel Aviv Left a city where the Jewish Soul goes to die
7. Vladimir Putin and Bibi
jacob ,   los angeles   (02.15.18)
I think is because he allowed the Russian's to built the Nuclear Busher Plan in Iran but Benjamin never criticized Russia only goes to Russia every year for Photo Apps with Vladimir Putin. The Israeli people realize that that he is playing double game not standing up to the Russians and also in Syria and they want a new leader . He never introduced sanctions against Russia to the United Nation either for all this year's as a Prime Minister. It almost feels like he is on the Russian Payroll instead protecting the Israeli people. Long leave Shimon Peres a true hero of Israel! Stand with Israel!
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