East J'lem residents threaten violence over Trump speech
Ynet writers
Published: 06.12.17, 15:16
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1. Cannot threaten with violence when Arabs are already violent
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.06.17)
2. One million Muslims expelled in Burma. Israel do them same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.06.17)
3. of course ......
steve s   (12.06.17)
Of course there will be violent uprisings. It is the way of Arabs to express themselves ....... killings, destruction of property, theft, lying, blame ....... all examples of Arab morality. Expect no less.
4. Muslim children
zionist forever   (12.06.17)
Every time somebody says for does something they do not like they have a tantrum and sometimes try and kill people.
The sooner Islam is eradicated the safer the planet will be
5. A dagger through the heart of Israeli Lunatic Leftists!
6. Arabs are so in love with violence, hatred and blackmail
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (12.06.17)
So let me see if I get this straight:

The Arabs and the Moslems have invaded our ancient Jewish homeland, in which we Jews have lived for 4000 years straight (even during the exile, Jews were still living in Israel), the Arabs have a religious-political ideology called Islam which tells them that they are a superior race and religion with a divine right to conquer and control all of mankind and all of the world, and that they have a right to hate, persecute and kill anyone who isn't Arab or Moslem - and basically anyone who doesn't practice Islam - and yet they preach to us Jews about peace, tolerance, coexistence and the importance of not stealing someone else's homeland???

Is this a joke?
7. "We will not be sending our children to school,"
A ,   OutThere   (12.06.17)
so that they may remain ignorant, moslem zombie morons, and thus remain one step above the sea urchin and garden slug on the evolutionary ladder, inshallah!
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