Opinion  Yoaz Hendel
Anti-Bibi revolt in the works in Likud?
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 09.12.17, 20:03
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1. Unnamed source - reminiscent of what MSM does to Trump in US
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.09.17)
2. Nothing says 'Leadership" like lack of courage! LOL
3. Fake , fake news again.
Lucifer69   (12.10.17)
4. Those who attack Benyamin Netanyahu are then attacked by haS
Rivkah   (12.10.17)
haShem. Beware.
5. Reminder: Israel was established & survived b4 Netanyahu.
Glinda   (12.10.17)
Israel will survive after Netanyahu. It is time for a change.
6. Rivkah! You Blaspheme! Shame on you!
Bembridge Scholar ,   Israel   (12.10.17)
Your forgiveness will come if you admit that you are mentally ill.
Otherwise the wrath of G-d will befall you! BEWARE!
7. PM Netanyahu: they r holding a Republican Senate Seat for u!
JML ,   Israel   (12.10.17)
Please go to the USA where you will be greatly loved and appreciated. You could be a respected senator and make way more money than what you have allegedly stolen here!
Go! please do just go! you can even revert to your youthful name Ben Nitay, yes indeed Senator Ben Nitay now doesn't that sound really beautiful! go for it. leave us!
8. Anti-Bibi revolt in the works in Likud?
Andy ,   TORONTO CANADA   (12.12.17)
Fake news ,without any shame. "Someone by Likud facing me, " "Told me ".... Why do you underestimate others in such way ?
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