Abbas warns of 'wars without end' following US Jerusalem declaration
Ynet reporters, news agencies
Published: 06.12.17, 21:44
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1. Wars without end? Abbas you're a spoiled rotten child
Joe ,   USA   (12.06.17)
This failed leader, Abbas needs to be shown the exit sign. He has raised spoiled rotten children, and now their leader is throwing a temper tantrum, encouraging his children to do the same. Pathetic is too kind a word for this situation.
2. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.06.17)
at least Trump has balls.
perhsps this action will make Arabs face reality. they will get over it in time.
meanwhile Israel and Jews will face backlash. a terribl211e price to pay for justice.
3. Old terrorist fool Abuass threatens violence. What's new?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.06.17)
4. New international law is in effect
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.07.17)
Arab occupiers fit in or f off
5. The dogs bark but the caravans move on.
Alan   (12.07.17)
So what peace process have the Pals and their allies been talking about. ?They never ever ever had or have or will have any tiny intentention of peace.It was all nonsensence just to make an industry of shnorering $$$ out of benefactors.
6. A Red Herring
DSM ,   USA   (12.07.17)
There is no such thing as a peace process with the Palestinians as they will never be satisfied until all Israelis are dead and they have taken over all of Israel. The location of the recognized capital of Israel and the settlements are nothing more than a red herring.
7. The truth comes out
Jo   (12.07.17)
At least the worm now admits that saying “the so-called Palestinians want EAST Jerusalem as the capital of their independent state” has always been a lie. Their intent is and always has been no Jews in East Jerusalem, no Jews in West Jerusalem, no Jews anywhere from the river to the sea. The less radical claim was always nothing but PR BS eagerly consumed by left wing latent antisemites the world over.
8. that's how he makes his living
jos rechtman ,   la   (12.07.17)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (12.07.17)
Stop misinforming your public as usual, Abbas!
10. Why treat "Palestinian" murderers better than Nazi murderers
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.07.17)
It is a disgrace to Israel that we allow mass murderer Abbas to run around attacking our people. Abbas is the sadistic monster behind the Munich Massacre and many others. Israelis should DEMAND our government try Abbas for mass murder like Eichmann. Why should we treat "Palestinian" murderers differently from Nazi murderers?
11. be it known ....
steve s   (12.07.17)
By his own words Abbas is a war monger ....... not a man of peace, but an instigator of terrorism. Good! Now that it is known it can be dealt with.
12. I must have missed something
Golani ,   Mi Ami   (12.06.17)
I must have missed all the news about Israel's violent reactions to the UN resolutions of last year before Obama left office. Since the resolutions were made at the morally bankrupt UN, Or for that matter any other unjust resolution. I guess the press didn't cover any of those reactions or perhaps, Israel being a civilized nation did not react violently or make threats....
13. What "peace process"?
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.07.17)
Running to the UN because you can't get exactly what you want is not a "peace process"
14. If wars without end know what is left for him to threaten...
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.07.17)
when Israel takes full control of Temple Mount and expels all Arabs to their rightful home of Arabia
15. We weren’t stopped by the real Nazis, sure as hell e won’t
tremble before these wannabe, Arabo-Nazis!
16. I wouldn't hang too many pictures on the walls if i were Abu
Adolf Mazen. Too much hassle taking them down, when the whole Arab lot has to relocate to "Jordan".
17. The Uncontrollable Arab Rage (remember Latma's skit?) !
18. Now the gatekeepers of Hell and next its ... residents
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (12.07.17)
Arabs will now open the gates of Hell -- so they must be the gatekeepers. Keep that up and you will wind up being ALSO being the residents of Hell.
19. Arabs want a third world war
C   (12.07.17)
they are forgetting that the nazis, with a very powerful army, lost the second
world war. they lost millions of people and their country was destroyed.
20. Double standards or what???
Professor   (12.07.17)
So its Ok when the Palestinians go to the UN for self declarations, or elsewhere, but when the USA just states whats already true today, the whole world cries....never ever ever seen such double standards.
21. abb-ass ?
yosef y ,   jerusalem   (12.07.17)
When will this walking turd abb-ass finally stop stinking-up the neighborhood ?!
22. The eternally whining spoiled Moslem brats
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (12.07.17)
You cannot claim all of the Middle East and all of planet Earth. There are other non-Arab and non-Moslem nations on this Earth and in the Middle East - and many of those nations are ancient, and their existence and history predate Arabs and Moslems either by centuries or by thousands of years.

If you can't get all of the Middle East and all of planet Earth, what do you do? Stage protests, terrorize, kill, incite anger, hatred and violence, complain, and blackmail people and nations into submission out of fear of pissing you off. You will never change. As long as you behave like Neanderthals, you will not join the civilized nations of this Earth.

You Arabs and Moslems must learn a very important word, that Israel, USA, the West, the entire free world and the entire non-Moslem world must repeat to the Arab and Moslem countries: No is a No, No has always been a No and will for all eternity remain a No.

No, you CANNOT have Israel and Jerusalem for the simple reason that it isn't yours. Since we Jews are the native, historical and original population of the land of Israel and since we Jews have inhabited the land of Israel for 2600 years before Islam conquered our Jewish homeland in the 7th century AD and since we Jews have lived in total for 4000 years in Israel, and since our civilization was born in Israel, and since we are the first civilization to exercise political independence and sovereignty in Israel in ancient times, it means that Israel is OURS and ONLY OURS - NOT A SINGLE STONE OR GRAIN OF SAND OF ISRAEL MAY YOU CLAIM AS YOURS.
23. עבס
ella ,   paris   (12.07.17)
חלאט המין האנושי הערבים רק יודעים להרוג אחד את השני ורוצים גם להרוג אותנו אבל זה לו יצליח להם כל הכבוד לטראמף יתר מנהיגי העולם במיוחד אנגליה וצרפט גם הם חלאה
jewboy ,   atlanta   (12.07.17)
JEWS MUST RAGE/strike BACK at the arabs, IN RETURN for their constant attacks and perpetual hatred of all us Jews.!

BTW/ If the arabs have no water they will if you want the arabs to stay, do not poison their wells.

Now is the time to move ALL the hostile arabs out of Israel as a military necessity.

You want peace? get rid of the muslim enemies/sewage!
25. "Wars Without End" he means 1,400 years of Moslem Wars ?
Islam="Peace"No? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.07.17)
Is this a new Moslem History book " ( Moslem ) Wars Without End " Volume 1,400
26. War till Israel treats "Palestinians" as vanquished foes
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.07.17)
"Palestinians" have constantly been at war with Israel. It has nothing to do with Trump's wonderful recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The reason "Palestinians" are at war with Israel is because Israel lets them get away with it.

WW II ended when the victorious allies imposed their will on the defeated Germans and Japanese. Israel has NEVER imposed our will on our vanquished "Palestinian" mortal foes. Instead Israel insanely pampers them and supplies them with everything they need to attack us! The wars won't end till Israel treats "Palestinians" as the vanquished mortal foes they are.
27. Why doesn't Israel release the Arab-muslim VIRUS it created
G.I.JEW ,   atlanta   (12.07.17)
they have a terrific bio-weapon, hopefully it will get terrific results.

a mass vast inoculation of Jewish people against this fabulous olde viral weapon is in order...

Now, while the tide is against the arabs, to once and for all, make Israel cured of it's muslim arab sickos...

a healthy stable Israel will quickly come about once the arab plague is eradicated...ending the arab sickness that plagues the Jewish people

28. Piss Process has to be replaced by another charade.
29. turd
yosef ,   jerusalem   (12.17.17)
This ancient, walking turd abb-ass continues to stink - and much of the U.N. (United Nazis) is eagerly inhaling...
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