FULL SPEECH: Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
Published: 06.12.17, 23:40
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1. Well done,President Trump, good and faithful servant of Yah!
Rivkah   (12.07.17)
2. Great Trump...... Bertram and Islamonazis be damned
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.07.17)
3. Never mind the speech: look at that signature,muy impressed!
4. President Trump: "Israel is a sovereign nation" YES
C   (12.07.17)
israel is a sovereign nation and jerusalem is its eternal undivided capital.

the jewish nation has shed rivers of blood to liberate its ancient homeland,
israel, and its holy city, jerusalem, seat of zion.

today, the sovereign jewish state of israel has a jewish army and jewish
intelligence services.
never again will the goy nations of the world dictate to the jews or
drag them to crematoria.
never again will jews be exiled, raped, be subjects of genocide.

muslims who declare eternal war on the jewish state, or who
threaten the jewish state with annihilation, will learn that
what they will become subjects of their own death cult.
5. "It's Official",,,,,,,,,
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.07.17)
The anti-Christ, Satan has set himself up in Jerusalem in God's seat and just think Trump is German, German, German a German man. The so-called Jews of Israel waited for a German, a man so soak in Russian blood shed on our planet and involved in US politics, Trump the proverbial "rich man", the man that won't go thru the eye of the needle, the man that won't enter the "Kingdom of God", the man that won't go to heaven to kick start more of their Gog and Magog terror. I believe, matter of fact I know God is saying,,,,, "It's on",,, "this sh-t is on".
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