Thank you, President Trump
Reuven Rivlin
Published: 07.12.17, 08:32
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1. Only one of these two Presidents is a patented buffoon,
guess which one?
2. fear now, nor never, this is our time for eternity
C   (12.07.17)
3. Swim from the the ocean of lies....
U67   (12.07.17)
to the shores of reality.

Most of the Arab slogans were nurtured and invented by the Kremlin agents.

Without this common enemy, we would have a chance for peace.
4. Meanwhile NYC lib Jews pine for the return of Obama.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.08.17)
5. At Last Something good came out of Rivlin's big mouth
RivlinTheClownPrsdnt ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.09.17)
I wonder if his equally loud mouthed wife still wants Shelly Ahimovitch
to run for Prime Minister "The President and Spouse From Hell"
As if the Jewish People haven't suffered enough we these two,,,,
6. Paw Patrol
Ypip ,   Victora   (12.10.17)
Tel-Aviv is the capital of Israel. That's where we landed after you passed the Emergency Quota Act.

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