Netanyahu sees 'many' nations following US move on Jerusalem
Itamar Eichner
Published: 07.12.17, 10:51
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1. Milekowsky, Miekowsky
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.07.17)
This man is a shame and disgrace to reason itself but he is no fool,,,, he is getting paid. Bibi,,,, just like Obama you are in the COUNTDOWN PHASE.
2. laughable
challe ,   jerusalem   (12.07.17)
that crook bibi will be in jail, and his idiot friend trump will be impeached, before they even finish a blueprint of the new embassy
SEGUN ,   NIGERIA, LAGOS   (12.07.17)
4. In his dreams - the perfect election ploy
Disillusioned   (12.07.17)
Netanyahu wants this to make us forget he's been such an incompetent. He wants us to forget that he and his wife have milked the system and behaved like banana republic autocrats.

And if he thinks, for one moment, that the rest of the world will follow, he's more in need of help than he thinks The rest of the world is agape with horror. They are so scared of their imported cheap labour and, in Germany's case, their breeding tanks to do anything to bring on more terror attacks.

Have they stopped the anti Israel resolutions in the Security Council? Are they not cosying up to Iran, knowing full what the agenda of that country?

But the naivety of the Israeli electorate prevails. An empty gesture from Trump and Netanyahu is already notching up an election victory on this - unless, of course, Hamas' call for an intifada leads to bloodshed. Perhaps we'll all finally wake up to Mr Orator-without-Action and see that it's OK to believe in Jerusalem within ourselves, but that it's pure illusion to think that the rest of the world will put the Jews before their own comforts.
5. United one state, what Palestinians will be looking for soon
Mohammad   (12.07.17)
Israeli people don't be so happy, your leaders are leading you towards a bi-national one unified state. You can't keep another people in small scattered cities and villages like ghettos while you control resources, land and destiny. This is an apartheid system that you can force by having power, but it won't last forever and one day you will have to give palestinians equal rights.
6. Big Mistake. Not a single state will do the stupid move.
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (12.07.17)
The only big looser in all this is netanyahoo.
HERMAN ROSEN   (12.07.17)
Only the Jews would be berated for wanting other countries to
recognize their Capitol..and where it is.....It is again the old
antisemitism.Now the Palestinians will declare war and
death to the Jews all over again..and Turkey will have their
leaders turn red with anger and so and so if this is not
already going is up to other countries to recognize what
the Israelis want....COOL IT!
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