Hamas calls for new intifada, IDF sends reinforcements to West Bank
Ynet writers, news agencies
Published: 07.12.17, 11:28
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1. Up he pops a rat from a sewer
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.07.17)
We all thought Haniyeh having gutted and ruined Gaza and passed the keys of Gaza to the PA while they 'retired' to Qatar they wouldnt have the gall to show their miserable faces to Gaza again

And here they are ..again...from the safety of their new hideaways...demanding that Gaza and Palestinians sacrifice more blood to satisfy his self importance and conceit

2. Hamas - declaration of war
Nigel Lawrence ,   London   (12.07.17)
Are they declaring war on the USA ? President Trump is the one who has made the declaration.
Anyhow, since when have they declared peace ?
3. Does he know he's breathing only because we allow him to?
4. Declaration of war?
Maurice ,   London   (12.07.17)
So does this declaration of war mean that up til now there was peace?
Robert ,   Israel   (12.07.17)
Poor Ismail; he was sure palestinians would frighten Pres.Trump and the U.S. with his menaces, so he bought in advance tons of candy to give away while celebrating their victory in the streets of Gaza and in the West Bank.
He is desperate now as he does not know what to do with all those sweets.
By the way, I dind't hear nor see any israeli Jew giving away candies and sweets to passers-by.
6. To quote the immortal Al Bundy: "Let's rock!"
7. Riot
Mark Smilovitz   (12.07.17)
Now they are given a reason to riot and die. Till now now they were just unemployed
8. There's a reason Gazans protest
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (12.07.17)
When you live in enforced squaller, your government does zero to help you and there is no hope for a future, protesting and even death may seem better. It provides something to do and seemingly helps to relieve stress. Haniyeh has essentially raped Gaza of anything good but by calling for unrest people stop looking to him for solutions. The ability to incite violent against Israel saves Haniyeh from violence against him and others in Hamas.
9. "Hamas calls for new intifada, "
A ,   OutThere   (12.07.17)
and Hyena is going to wrap a checkered diaper around his head, Mount his wife jackass, flash his shiny teeth and lead the charge. Tally how!
10. Time to lay Ismail to Rest
Moshe ,   Givataim   (12.07.17)
11. call .......
steve s   (12.07.17)
Haniyeh calls for protest, death and destruction from the safety of his luxury home in Qatar. Is there anything more pathetic than that?
12. Hamas calls for new intifada
JK ,   Ashdod   (12.07.17)
I presume Hamas will strat attacking Washington DC now...
13. Mr. Ismail Haniyeh
David Mitzner ,   Germany   (12.07.17)
So what peace or diplomatic process was interrupted? The one that has gone no ware for over 30 some years? He needs to understand that his and the PA bullshit doesn't fly anymore. Some countries are getting tired of paying them off...How much does the Hamas contribute for the Jerusalem infrastructure?
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