How Trump fooled everyone with his Jerusalem declaration
Itamar Eichner
Published: 07.12.17, 23:33
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1. Some disagreement
Yosi ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.17)
They definitely won't be able to use Arnona, because "The Company" needs to use it. That said, the declaration is not enough to avoid a disaster. Trump must move the embassy to avoid utter disaster.
2. I don't agree with all of it but excellent analysis ;)
Sameach Tet ,   Israel   (12.08.17)
Thank you for sharing it.
3. Strategy?
me   (12.08.17)
I have news for you - Trump does not act with strategy, he is not able to think long term. His decisions are impulsive and egocentric.
He hates Muslims and that is the bottom line of this gesture.
Expect Piss with Trump, not peace. Stupidity never led any nation very far,
4. Author doesn't understand trump
David ,   New york   (12.08.17)
I "get" him. I supported him the minute he announced he will run.
This guy doesn't understand trump.
Trump is all about loyalty to you friends
To sticking up for America and her allies and calling a spade a spade.
Declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel is something president trump believes in with the conviction to do it.
Everyone else promised
He delivered
PC AND CO ,   OVER THE RAINBOW   (12.08.17)
if all these countries hate us so much why shoulg we help them in any way let them go to the source of the hatered for help MR PUTNIM IS KEEPING A CLOSE EDYE ON SAUDI ARABIA IF THEY ANGER ISRAEL THEY WILLFIND THEMSELVES ALONE AS IRAN AND RUSSIA KNOCK DOWN THE DOORS SAUDI ARABIA ISRAEL WILL CO EXIST WITH RUSSIA
6. Trump will draft plan that requires expulsion of Arabs
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.08.17)
This is the only solution that guarantees stability and peace in the Middle East
There is zero chance / possibility of the palestinians showing any maturity.
8. Another idiotic(politically motivated)"analysis". Trump
will easily walk into his second term and the actual, physical transfer of the embassy is of no importance here/now!
The Lunatic Left is quite pathetic in its attempts at belittling both Trump & this immensely important step.
Just let them roast slowly in the increasing heat!
9. r; but if they exercise maturity and accept Trump’s peace...
Deavman ,   Ta   (12.08.17)
No chance as they are so dependable as they will always shoot themselves in the foot.
10. LMAO,,,,,,,, you just can't make this sh-t up
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.08.17)
Israel, the Jewish "state" looks for and needs a Euro German cracker named Trump to sanction their illegality. The Jew Rabbis have said Trump is fulfilling prophecy,,,,,,,,,,,, LMAO. These devils,,,,,,,, yes Trump has sealed the "state" of Israels doom and has set The Anti-Christ on the throne and Satan in God's seat in Jerusalem. This sh-t is going to be very interesting.
11. Poor Analysis
Gurk   (12.08.17)
1st off there's nothing fake about the Baytzim it took to make the declaration.
2nd This is a huge test for the Palis (which no one in their right mind would
expect them accept. They will surely repeat their previous behaviors
which are, after all, the only reason they exist as a "people", to fight
3rd The Saudi dynamic is totally absent, and surely Abbas was given a
picture of whats coming by the new Sheriff in town, that is, the Wahhabi
purge and the coming war with Iran/Hizbollah. All in the Arab world
world will need to ween themselves of Iran or face the consequences of
the coming Sunni dominance which will extend into Lebanon (have a
look at Harris recent trips exile and return to Lebanon).
4th Egypt will fall in line as well in exchange for removal of ISIS and big
infrastructure development in Sinai. Expect Gaza to be extended to
include El Arish.
5th If none of this happens at least it will be clear to the world that the Palis
want nothing but never ending conflict and prizes which they will never
gain. It should be obvious but Academia and the leftist PC grip on
Europe combined with massive Arab and Paki populations in the EU
have put the blinders on Europeans.

12. Nothing Trump does it says should be "historical"
Nóm   (12.08.17)
He's like a spoiled whiny child who acts impulsively and out of spite.
Anything he says should have no actual significance to adults, nor should be taken seriously.
13. Israel needs to claim Judea/Samaria and end Two State Hoax
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.08.17)
In the one in a million chance "Palestinians" acted with "maturity", Israel will be forced to do what we should have done decades ago. Claim Judea and Samaria as our more than 4,000 year old ancestral heartland and end the Two State Final Solution Hoax.

"Palestinians" are acting predictably and doing the one thing they are good at: rioting. Which doesn't change a thing. Israel still needs to put a permanent end to the abomination of "Palestine".

There is nothing about the hideously evil P.A. that Israel has any obligation to honor. The P.A. is nothing but a sick creation of the Labor Party during the Oslo Disaster. Bibi should have let it fall the moment he won the election.
14. New York USA
Jerry Silber ,   Albany   (12.09.17)
In my opinion,President Donald Trump added to screwing over Israel with the announcement of the Jerusalem Capital issue. Whether I would be considered a "leftist" Jew, doesn't matter. I want Israel to have peace of mind and for the countries in the region to recognize Israel and her people. I want to see that people will live in peace, harmony, tolerance, and acceptance. The problem is Israel is in a very difficult situation with Palestinians, etc. I don't envy the Israeli military, I think Prime Minister Netanyahu is an arrogant right wing nut like Donald Trump.What Donald Trump did was to inflame and make more tense Israel's situation with her neighboring nation states. It's like Trump waived the Jerusalem is capital red flag to the bull of other nation states which will aggravate them and lead to more terrible situations. Trump's and Netanyahu's arrogance and ego's are so huge. It's more important than Israel. Trump and his family go completely against the values of Judaism and humanity, He is a disgusting person. We need him like we need Bernie Madoff. All Trump accomplished was to boost his ego even more in Israel with those people who follow him. He used the Jerusalem Capital issue to make his ego even bigger? Jews don't need Donald Trump and his disgusting porn wife and, traitor Jew Jared Kushner. I have to wonder how and why Chassidic Jews accept Donald Trump.
15. Trump Jerusalem
Ed ,   Jacksonville   (12.09.17)
That doesn't make it the capital just because Donald Jackass Trump recognize it. It's really the capital just f Palestine.
16. Instead of closing the PLO offices in US, gave a declaration
BETTY ,   LA   (12.12.17)
of little practicality. What it did, Trump got few brownie points from both sides and enraged the world masses. Better was if they had closed the PLO offices in Washington and stopped funding the terror .......

17. Congratulations on writing the worst ynet article ever.
What's worse, the logical fallacies, incorrect information, or outright biased unreasoning vitriol? Ynet should be embarrassed to publish this garbage.
18. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.12.17)
be carefull what you wish for and what you get. all Israel got was promises and 'tsuris' from the master of the shady deal. it may take a long time for move and may be recinded. Trump may demand concessions from Israel that can be suicidal to Israel safety. you should look a 'gift horse' in the mouth. Trump wants to create legacy that may not benefit Israel. ever the deal maker where everybody loses except him. caveat emptor!
19. Yeah Right - just like Obama had Israels back
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.13.17)
Only Difference is Obama put a knife in it
20. oap
Nahum Froumin ,   Ramat HaSharon   (12.14.17)

Russia recognized Jerusalem as the capital in April 2017. And then it passed very quietly. Some hypocrisy somewhere!!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
04/06/17 April 2017
Foreign Ministry statement regarding Palestinian-Israeli settlement
Moscow is deeply concerned about the situation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Palestine and Israel have not held political negotiations for nearly three years, and the situation on the ground has been deteriorating.
The stalling of the Middle East peace process has created conditions for unilateral moves that undermine the potential for an internationally accepted solution to the Palestinian problem, under which two states – Israel and Palestine – could live in peace and security with each other and with their neighbours.
Moscow reaffirms its support for the two-state solution as an optimal option that meets the national interests of the Palestinian and Israeli people, both of whom have friendly relations with Russia, and the interests of all other countries in the region and the international community as a whole.
We reaffirm our commitment to the UN-approved principles for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement, which include the status of East Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state. At the same time, we must state that in this context we view West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
The concrete parameters of a solution for the entire range of issues regarding the status of Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem, should be coordinated at the direct talks between the parties involved. Using its opportunities as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, a co-sponsor of the peace process and an active member of the Middle East Quartet of international intermediaries, Russia will continue to provide assistance to the achievement of Israeli-Palestinian agreements. We will focus on ensuring free access to Jerusalem’s holy places for all believers.
21. Jerusalem, East and West
Eli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.17)
The status of Jerusalem is Israel's decision. Israel's problem is that it does not want to make this decision. Even if the US embassy was moved today to West Jerusalem, it would not change the "Palestinian" claim to our land. A century of armed conflict will only be resolved in an armed conflict.
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