Trump's Jerusalem declaration splits Israel's left wing
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 07.12.17, 18:55
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1. Odeh
Ayman Odeh is a anti-Semite and anti-Zionist who is against the Jewish State.
2. you see hwy herzog is unable to lead israel
orly   (12.07.17)
trump properly said if a deal is to be reached, then arabs and israelis have to work it out. yet herzog promotes separation which cannot truly occur since arabs depend on israeli economy and transit back and forth. other models need to be explored.

herzog is wedded to failed policies and cannot see beyond his nose. he is uttlerly weak and incapable of leading israel or formulating a new approach. all he ever does is offer concessions like ramon, a defeatist if there ver was one.
3. Nothing good is expected from Arabs. They must be occupied.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.07.17)
4. Hopefully it "splits" them head to toe!
5. from whatever political perspective, move is long overdue
Rafi ,   US   (12.08.17)
Understandable that Pales's are not pleased, but this is more of an overdue, PRO-Israel than an ANTI-Palestinian move
6. Split spit on and ground into the dust boycott the media
TheFifthColumn ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.08.17)
The Israeli Leftist and its Media have dark sick souls in need
of immediate psychiatric attention and should not be allowed
near a microphone or tv screen until such until that time
the public needs to boycott the mainstream media channels
and those that advertise on them $$$$$ they do understand that
if nothing else. Calls for such by the public are already being
heard on talk shows
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