EU vows push to make Jerusalem capital for Palestinians too
Published: 07.12.17, 20:31
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1. how do you say "jump in a lake" in italian?
david   (12.07.17)
2. Viva Canaan/Palestine
Palestinian   (12.07.17)
Torah ... big Israel.
Gospel... Creating Israel to bring Jesus back.
Quran ... Muslims to wake up, then to crush jews for ever.

Trump wants to be rememberd as OMG.

Fanatic Jews, Christians & Muslims excited to find out the end of time.

Although, we can all live in peace together, but sadly the fanatic ideology will rule to destiny.
3. Israel can end the farce by letting "Palestine" fall
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.07.17)
Once again, the E.U. displays its characteristic cowardice and Jew baiting. Yet the real problem is still the Israeli government. Only Israel's government is keeping the "Palestine" hoax alive. The E.U. is not. Nor is the U.N. Nor is anyone else. The Israeli government is the biggest supporter of fictional "Palestine" in the world. Only the Israeli government keeps "Palestine" supplied with the food, money, electricity, materials, work permits etc. it needs to stay afloat. The is the insane, infuriating truth. Israel could easily end the farce simply by letting hoax "Palestine" fall.
4. the EU deciding the outcome of talks in advance
zionist forever   (12.07.17)
The EU condemn Trump saying the future status of Jerusalem should be decided through negotiations but the next day the EU decide that they are determined to make sure Jerusalem is shared despite the fact there have been no talks.
Whilst Trump only said he recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel he said noting of its borders or its status under talks but the EU are deciding in advance what the outcome of the talks must be.
5. UE detractors from Facebook
Italian in Haifa ,   Haifa.   (12.07.17)
I bet all of you still enjoy your trips to Roma and Toscana, France and Germany whenever it suits you!
Americans - so much honesty for world leaders
6. True: it'll be pity to witness the destruction of all Europe
and it's culture, but hey: mass extinction is the name of the game that Mother Nature plays.
If they so crave Islam, they must follow this lemming-like path till it's logical & sorry end.
7. European degenerates continue on their path towards thecliff
8. Europe is the graveyard of Jews, yet they are not satisfied
C   (12.08.17)
europe sadistically slaughtered six million jews, of them one and a half
million children.
europe's position with regard to israel, proves that it is not satisfied
with the results of the final solution.
europe has to get used to the fact that jews today are no longer its
slaves, and no longer defenceless.
jews today have a sovereign state and a strong, well equipped
jewish army.
never again will brutal europeans herd innocent little children to
the crematoria.
9. EU as usual trying to compete with the US
zionist forever   (12.08.17)
The EU has been trying to compete with the US on every level for decades now they are doing it over Jerusalem.
Pro Israel Trump says Jerusalem its the capital of Israel so the arab loving EU responds by saying they are determined to make sure its the capital of a palestinian state as well as Israel. Trump had said something on the matter so the EU also had to respond and say the opposite to the US.
10. Loathing is too kind a word to describe what I feel for EU!
11. Psalm 2:1 "Why do the nations rage and conspire in vain ?"
RageOnEurope2Doom ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.08.17)
12. EU busy selling its dark soul to Middle Eastern Tyrants
EuropesDarkSoul ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.08.17)
Germany France Holland UK Ireland etc etc etc busy selling their souls
to the worst human rights violators in the world Iran Saud Qatar
UAE Malaysia , the day Macron of France rejected the Jerusalem
Declaration he was in Qatar signing a billion dollar transportation
contract selling electric trains to the Qatari Despot and purveyor
of terror in Europe itself and the corrupt European Media plays
see no evil here no evil " Europe's Dark Soul has never been
so naked
13. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.08.17)
so what is EU going to do to enforce demand? send in the army?
14. Enough EU favors to Jews
Lucifer69   (12.08.17)
The EU has trashed the Jewish people for 2000 years. What the Eu has done in the last few months is to deny the Jewish people its history. culture and past. They killed and stole our property for which in the most part have never made ammends yet hound us for the palestian rights. The palestinians were the allies of the nazis who succeed in chasing all the jews from the arab countries while europe never said anything till this day.
15. "like I was Andrew Jackson or a relative of his."
Maybe you are, Porky Sherry, interesting you should identify with a president known for slaughtering indigenous Native Americans.
16. A picture tells a thousand words
A ,   OutThere   (12.08.17)
Mogherini : I'm sorry we could not take the State of Israel away from the Jews and give it to you poor, miserable, imaginary "palestinians". Would touching my dried up, sagging breasts be any consolation to you?
Abbas: Finally! An offer I can't refuse!
17. Palestians want peace only on their terms
George   (12.09.17)
The "Palestinians" don't want peace and they don't want a two state solution, either. The only solution for them is to replace Israel completely with Palestine. They maybe interested in interim steps for this final goal. But there won't be peace until the messiah returns. Jesus Christ.
Meanwhile, Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling. Jeremiah 12:2
18. Let's be logical for a moment: EU has imported millions of
Delphi   (12.09.17)
Muslims KNOWING well, what kind of genetic pool they represent. (don't you for a moment imagine that people running Europe are THAT stupid, they KNEW in advance!) So it must follow, that they intend to accommodate said genetic anomaly in their future endeavors and that MUST include total hostility towards Jews/Israel/ it what you want.
Facts on the ground prove it daily. The rest is smoke-screen.
19. eu countries scared of their own immigrants
jess   (12.09.17)
eu which is drowning in their immigrants and fearful of them, is continually trying to appease them by committing to help their brethren to have a state with jerusalem as its capital. this same eu runs away from peacekeeping missions, refuses to enter the suburbs of paris out of fear, and then runs to israel for antiterrror help. well europe can fight terror on its own from now on.

france belgium, sweden, norway-no wonder hitler had such an easy time of it.

eu should mind its own bloody business and let the arabs and israelis come to terms if possible. and if not possible, then not.
20. Fuck the EU
chosi ,   hu a Hin   (12.09.17)
Stop Licking the Muslim ,EU you Are Scum on this good god created earth
21. Retired
Mike ,   Wellington   (12.09.17)
The so called EU had long ago lost the moral right to tell the Jewish people when and where to live and when and where to die !! I extend a stiff digit salute to the so called EU !!!!!
22. And I will fight to make the EU an American and Russian...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (12.10.17)
...domain, and I will personally fight to make Mogherini Mr Putin's personal whore and prostitute.
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