Rajoub: VP Pence 'unwelcome in Palestine'
Published: 07.12.17, 23:32
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1. Let's see if Rajoub is as courageus to refuse US aid $$$$$$$
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.07.17)
2. good
steve s   (12.08.17)
Pence is "unwelcome in Palestine". Where exactly is Palestine as I can't find it on a map? Are US aid dollars also unwelcome?
3. Call 1800butthurt
Adasa ,   Los Angeles   (12.08.17)
The palestinians fail to realize some of you all live in the United States...If you hate America so much, there are flights boarding. So you can go back to your homeland jordan, you won't be missed. But for sure you will miss all the benefits of the beautiful country of the United States. ð゚リチð゚リマ✌
4. Never Heard of a country of Palestine populated by Arabs
Ross Gallen ,   Irvine   (12.08.17)
Illegal Arab immigrants, send them home!
5. I am always impressed at the GPS-systems these foreign
dignitaries must posses: mine is never able to locate "Palestine"... What gives?
6. United Statess does not need this group of terrorists
C   (12.08.17)
these people have amazing impertinence.
they have never done anything by themselves of for themselves.
all they have done is commit acts of terror, including on foreign soil.
7. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.08.17)
so is god, peace,democracy and prosperity.
8. the spontaneous anger of Rajoub
tiki ,   belgium   (12.08.17)
You're not welcome in "Palestine" but your money is!
9. Don't know what GPS you are using...
Israel   (12.08.17)
But in Israel GPS, Waze and Google maps clearly make off the area over the Green Line so that visitors to Israel don't inadvertantly end up in a bad neighborhood over the Green Line. Meaning peeps Palestine is distinguished from Israel on GPS systems.
10. It takes a terrorist to recognize a terrorist.
11. my uncle met rajoub
zionist forever   (12.08.17)
My uncle met Rajoub in an elevator at a European soccer match once he did not know who he was until he told me but he did not like him in the short time they were speaking.
In the end Rajoub gave my uncle his business card which was a very expensive metal card and the PA is always begging for money but their ministers have very expensive business cards.

12. VP Pence should not dirty his hands with the racist Rajoub
RajoubWho? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.08.17)
No one but no one other than the President himself deserves more
credit for the Pro Jerusalem Declaration than Vice President
Pence Israel must thank him profusely !!!! There is no greater
friend of Israel than Vice President Pence and interestingly
he calls himself a Roman Catholic Evangelical uniting to
huge Christian Communities this is an important development
13. There is NO palestine. Thank G-d!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.08.17)
Why would Pence want to visit a non existing place with non existing people?
14. "Rajoub: VP Pence 'unwelcome in Palestine",
A ,   OutThere   (12.08.17)
however we are always happy to receive the $400 MILLION annual handout the U.S. provides us for being such good little terrorists.
15. Any decision that pisses off Palestinians is a good one....
froike ,   NY USA   (12.08.17)
Palestinians and Islamo Fascists threatening violence? That's like a prostitute threatening to have sex for money!
16. Labor created the P.A. It is Bibi's duty to destroy it
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.08.17)
The only reason the P.A. exists today is because the lunatic Labor Party created it as a scarecrow to receive Judea and Samaria. The P.A. was created to advance Labor's evil agenda. It is Bibi's duty to destroy it. This should have been one of the first things Bibi did when he became P.M. Instead, Bibi is keeping the P.A., and fictional "Palestine", afloat with endless supplies of Israeli food, money, electricity, work permits etc. Israel needs to DEMAND this madness end!
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