2 killed, 300 wounded when Palestinians clash with IDF in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza in 'Day of Rage'
Ynet writers
Published: 08.12.17, 16:54
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1. 12 million Arabs expelled in Syria. Israel do them same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.08.17)
2. God bless & keep Israel's brave soldiers safe from the mob
Isaiah41:11   (12.08.17)
Isaiah 41:11 " All who rage against you will surely be shamed and disgraced
those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish"
3. 40-70 year "Peace Process"Dont make us laugh!
Alan   (12.08.17)
4. Pals-Please dont scare away XMAS Tourists to Bethlehem/Jerus
Alan   (12.08.17)
Dont make too much "RAGES" as it will scare away the NON Jewish Christmas Tourists and you wil lose $$$$$$$$$$ Manger Square will be Rages Square.
5. Palestinians will always find an excuse for violence
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.08.17)
The peace process was always a fraud and a farce. Peace to the Palestinians means Muslim states only. Israel and the West sought a peace that existed in their minds and the Leftist press only. The Palestinians want to destroy Israel by Western boycott or violence. When the US says something positive about Israel it means to Palestinians that they must turn to violence as the only avenue to destroy Israel.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.08.17)
Israel rebuilds her ancient nation while the Arabs in Israel always try to use

terror as a tactic.

Einstein was right the Arab pals are insane trying to same thing hoping for a

different result.

Israel cannot lose Arabs cannot win.

7. Let’s give them reason for Naqba II !
8. What? Did the Fakestinians add another day to the Calender?
Koose E Mack ,   The Great Satan   (12.08.17)
They are raging every day of the Year...why add another day?
9. Islam took Jerusalem by force centuries ago.....
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.08.17)
and treated the Jews as dhimmis. Then, in 1948, tried to destroy any vestige of Jewish presence, but lost. But they did manage to keep east Jerusalem, where they pillaged the Jewish property and killed or expelled the resident Jews. In 1967, the Jews took east Jerusalem in yet another Arab war.

Never, in all the time east Jerusalem wasn't in Jewish hands, did the Arab residents ever say they wanted it as a capital of their country- that thought didn't even make sense to them.

All this nonsense was the creation of Arafat, part of the never-ending plan to slowly erase Israel. Well, it hasn't worked. Thank heaven that President Trump had the integrity to finally say so.

The Arabs, at least the ones stupid enough to be manipulated by Abbas, will piss and moan and throw rocks and set things on fire, but that's what Abbas and Arafat created, a 'mob-on-demand' people who would rather waste more years of their lives complaining than moving on and making things better for themselves and their families.

So yes, Islam did take Jerusalem by force, and by the same method, Israel took it back in a war forced upon her by the Muslim states. That the world refused to accept that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel was only proof that there antisemitism was alive and well, even if was hidden under the covers of UN doublespeak.
10. After the Hysteria
Martin Alan Baker ,   Philadelphia, PA   (12.08.17)
The hysteria over the President's remarks defies comprehension even though it was predictable. The President's speech gave no indication that he was recognizing Jerusalem as exclusively the capital of Israel. Yet that appears to be the overall interpretation of what he said. He was ambiguous enough to leave room for the two state solution as the eventual means for peace.

The status of Jerusalem has been used as a pretext for getting nothing done at all. At Camp David in 2000 when Ehud Barak offered to put everything on the table for negotiations, including the status of Jerusalem, the late Yasser Arafat's bluff was called so left in a huff: he wasn't about to stick HIS neck out and actually craft a workable agreement.

President Trump's recognition was just an acknowledgment of what's already in existence in Jerusalem: the Knesset, the Supreme Court, etc. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results, (an idea alluded to in his speech) then the President injected more than a little sanity into the discussion by removing a superficial impediment. A shared capital city is the logical outcome of a land mass shared in a two state solution.

To the religious this is unacceptable. But the land of promise isn't to be given by the UN. What the world gives and what God gives are two entirely different things.
For now what is workable is workable. The gift of land of promise will come.
11. Trump has sealed the doom and the Rabbis going with it
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.08.17)
This Euro German cracker has set The Anti-Christ up in the holy land and Satan in God's seat in Jerusalem. Trump,,,,, you are right on time.
12. no need to incite ...
steve s   (12.08.17)
I believe the Palestinians would be happier having a weekly day of rage rather than waiting for some event to incite them. Perhaps each Friday after prayers they could fire-bomb a different section of Jerusalem, throw rocks, and traumatize peaceful neighborhoods. They show the world their true colors during these events. Their parents, leaders, Imams, and Muslims around the world must be very proud of them.
13. It's time to expel the Arabs and the Moslems from Israel!
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (12.08.17)
It's time to expel the Arabs and the Moslems from Israel, Jerusalem, the Old City of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, Judea & Samaria, Gaza and Golan Heights.

Just like the natives of Black Africa and India had a legitimate right to fight for their homelands and drive out the British and European imperialists from their lands, we Jews have the same right to fight for our ancient, historical and native homeland of Eretz Israel and to drive the Arab Moslem imperialists out of our land.
14. He acknowledged the "fact" that Jerusalem is Israeli. Good!
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.08.17)
But the violence that is occurring may create (or repeat) less favorable "facts" in the region, which is not good. The US under Trump is implementing around the world one-step acts, it is apparent. But the US foreign policy traditionally has been bigger and better than that. Better times will return.
15. I’d like the numbers better had it been ONE wounded...
16. Arabs are uncivilised barbarians
C   (12.08.17)
they prefer death to a life of peace and development.
islam is a religion of imperial wars and colonisations.
muslims go around thhe world to blow up and slaughter
other muslims and what they consider infidels.
17. Mark Sherry, FB, why did Muslims occupy half the world
C   (12.08.17)
18. Trumps adress is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC
Sameach Tet ,   Israel   (12.09.17)
Or write to hi c/o any of the USA embassies throughout the world surely he'll receive your cards letters and other messages.
Im the meantime all y'all need to realize that:
A. This is a Trump smokescreen - basically he took a few obscure lines from the Oslo Accords and popped them up to the front.
B. He signed another 6 month waiver regarding the move of the embassy from tlv to Jerusalem. And then he gave you some sorry story about having to look for a place. Really the USA owns 4 different properties in Jerusalem. ...what more are they looking for?
C. Jews this move isn't for you. This move is all about trump needing to make points with his Christian base for Christmas!
D. Muslims this move isn't for you. And it isn't for the if you are angry at least for once play it smart and direct your letters of complaint to the Americans!
19. Better news would be, 2 million Arabs killed, 2 million out
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.09.17)
20. Porky Sherry: Perhaps Mr. Boleli is too polite
A ,   OutThere   (12.09.17)
to use the other "n" word that white supremist Nazi wannabes like yourself prefer. Now be a good boy, eat all your donuts, and maybe Santa will bring you that AK-47 assault rifle you've been fantasising about.
21. Arik Boleli, FB
C   (12.09.17)
if we give them so called east jerusalem, then all of jerusalem will
become a muslim city. indeed, all of israel will become a muslim
country. our sovereignty will have been lost.
22. The Israeli soldiers must be really weak cause if this
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.09.17)
unrest were to occur in say Iran, Turkey, Syria etc etc, the misbehavior would be ruthlessly put down with the death count being orders of magnitude higher
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