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Gothenburg synagogue firebombed
Itamar Eichner
Published: 10.12.17, 09:10
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1. Swedes prove their tolerance by importing the intolerant
Alan   (12.10.17)
2. the masked heroes are celebrating.
tiki ,   belgium   (12.10.17)
Pathetic bunch!
3. Kind of ironic
Rami ,   Helsinki   (12.10.17)
Muslims chased Jews out of the Arab countries in 1948 where Jews had lived for hundreds of years. Muslims want to chase Jews out of Europe too even if constantly demanding that Israel would go back to Europe.
4. The usual Arab and Muslim behaviour
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.10.17)
Arab and Muslim savages doing their usual violence. When they are attacked they cry to everyone about Islamaphobia and their rights.
Robert ,   Israel   (12.10.17)
Nothing good can be expected from Sweden. Sweden has terminal cancer. The cancer Sweden has is called muslimhood and it is tremendously contagious to neighboring countries.
6. A Goner is what Sweden is, 'nuff said.
7. Looking for the Jewish kid who is being spat on in school.
Noah-David Israel ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (12.10.17)
If anyone knows this kid, please transmit him this message bevakachah:
Can you please transmit me the names of your school, the names of the ones who spat on you eventually with their pictures. I promise you that in less than one month you will not be bothered by them anymore. I and some others had the same problem here in Belgium but we have solved the problem in our own special and exclusive way. Since beginning of October 2016, none of these incidents occurred again. Please contact me via messenger, today.
8. Continued rise of intolerance in Sweden
Ken Jarecki ,   Sudbury   (12.10.17)
The Jewish community still suffers the most discrimination of any minority. Here in Canada we hear about "Islamophobia " almost daily yet rarely about antisemitism. Left leaning political parties and media support a quiet antisemitism e.g. regular condemnation of Israel and excessive media coverage of even minor events in Israel. I'm not Jewish, I'm not religious but after living in Saudi Arabia for two years, Sweden for 8 years and Holland for a year I support Israel although I may not agree with all their policies. Swedish idealists are destroying their society by pushing their agenda at any expense and downplaying the reality of what's happening.
9. Dutch Police allow antisemitism - stand and watch
Reality Check   (12.10.17)
There comes a time when Jews have to take part of the blame for not standing up for their people.
10. Just wishing the Jewish Community a bright Chanuka?
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan....   (12.11.17)
Too bad those Cockroach Muslims didn't incinerate themselves...
11. I think we agree
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (12.12.17)
Jewish life in Sweden is over
12. Time for Jews to arm and defend themselves in the West
London 1970's Jews understood what to do with antisemitism. They actively fought back. If you attack us we will use all the force allowed legally in the country we are in to make sure you never do it again. This is the only way it may change.

Protests outside each mosque which incites antisemitism, racism, sexism, until they are shut down. over 70% of mosques throughout the West are funded either by Saudi Wahabism or Qatar Muslim Brotherhood, both calls for global domination. time to fight back or we wont survive long enough to be able to.

Time for groups of former IDF to travel the West to these communities and break the legs of all those involved. Anyone attacking Jews should feel the wrath of the Jewish people. Just as civilians need guns as police are not there in times of danger so to do the Jews need to protect themselves as their own governments more often than not encourage or at the least enable this terrorism which they have now normalized.
13. JDL
JDL ,   Europe   (12.13.17)
It is now time for all JDL to retaliate against the rats that threaten the Jewish communnities in europe. With the JDL all military trained and invisible to the islamic rat we shall rid europe of the cockroaches of islam. AM YISRAEL CHAI
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