IDF uncovers cross-border Hamas terror tunnel
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy, Matan Zuri
Published: 10.12.17, 13:58
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1. Hamas shud dig tunel from Libya to IIaly.More useful for
Alan   (12.10.17)
smuggling people to Europe.Or even better from Gaza to Greece/Italy.
2. Next time, leave surveillance systems in the tunnel.
id ,   Hartford USA   (12.10.17)
Microphones and mini-video cams. Let the stooges think they have an undiscovered tunnel and keep tabs on them. When they eventually decide to use the tunnel for a terror attack, the IDF will know about it and precisely where the terrorists are within the tunnel. A GPS-guided smart bomb will easily finish the job, taking out as many terrorists as possible.

The thought that any tunnel might be a waiting trap will certainly make the diggers and terrorists think twice before entering one, which might be the last time any of them ever see daylight again.
3. Condition for future treaties.
The Archives   (12.10.17)
There must be a condition regarding any peace treaty with the Palestinians that would strictly forbade any encroachment into Israel's territory which if broken would annul any such treaty.
4. The IDF uncovers,,,,,,,,
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.10.17)
a tunnel they built. You just cannot just make this sh-t up. OH God,,,,,,,, LMAO
5. Hopefully many islamic tunnel rats
A ,   OutThere   (12.10.17)
were exterminated in the tunnel.
6. israel should withhold military cooperation with the EU
earl   (12.10.17)
EU members like france, belgium, sweden, norway should be denied idf military cooperation. likewise, idf should not be selling erdogan's turkey any drones or other military hardware since he would turn it around on isreael.

caution should also be used in selling high value miltary assets to russia since they are in bed with iran, syria and nasrollah. don't kid yourself, liberman's russian connnections do not insulate israel.

You can see now more clearly the EU consisting of a strong germany, and a stout britain when it wants to be. the rest are a cowardly collection. so it makes threats against israel which can have impact because of its economic power but not because of its military strength. israel can take care of its own.

israel is taking in more immigrants. it should additionally increase the number of moderate christian converts to expand its population.

7. Detonate the tunnels with natural gas!
Mike ,   Santa Barbara, CA.   (12.13.17)
Since the massive offshore natural gas discoveries, it should be easy for the IDF to simply pump natural gas into the Hamas and Islamic Jihad tunnels and then detonate the gas causing the collapse of the tunnels all the way from the Gaza border to their points of origin. That may be more effective than the current methods of demolition and provide an effective deterrent to future tunneling. Just be sure to. remove the chemical added to warn users of natural gas of leaks.
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