Security guard seriously hurt in Jerusalem terror attack
Yishai Porat, Yael Friedson, Rotem Elizera
Published: 10.12.17, 14:30
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1. When will general Israeli public realize we're surrounded by
animals ? (no disrespect to the real ones!)
Do we want to live in such ZOO?
Time to find new "reservation' for these predators.
2. Arrested ? He should be shot in the balls,no 72 virgins,now
ab   (12.10.17)
he'll get monthly payment from Abbas
3. 45: thanks for antagonizing the bears!
We your cannon fodder are ready for our marching orders!
4. The euro-Amero,,,,,,,
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.10.17)
"Fake Jew" cracker has a hard head, this is not his land, his country nor his place to be in real time in terms of God's/Hashem's/Allah's Peace but he is Gog and Magog, The anti-Christ, Satan in God's sea in Jerusalem,,,,,,,,,,, it's official thanks to a German white European named Trump. We don't have long any minute this earthquake will strike this land.
Robert ,   Israel   (12.10.17)
It is time to rethink about allowing muslims in Israel
6. israelis punished for being too rough
beryl   (12.10.17)
idf and yaalon punished soldiers for being rough. what planet do you live on? Arabs fear force and jump on anyone who appears weak. morals will take israelis to the grave. the problem in part is arabs are uncertain who the owner of the house is. until israelis become decisive and tough minded, aggresssion by some non jews will increase.

putin shows how to handle terrror. of course israel bleeds human rights because of history and goldstone. so it bends over backwards and gets stabbed stabbed stabbed.
7. video seems to show security guard not watching man
harold   (12.10.17)
a man takes off his jacket next to security guard who seems not to be watching him. then the man stabs him from the side or back, classic middle eastern attack ie the assassin. if true this is not the way. never lose eye view of person to your side or back or in front.

of course easy to say in hindsight with so much going on. but tht is the what the video shows. in the past terror attack against cops in jerusalem who were killed, the attack was also from the blind side.

israelis have to watch their back and side. training must emphasize this. most able bodied jews have to carry guns, enough of this jewish aversion to guns. shoot anyone who rears a knife towards you.
8. One million Muslims expelled in Burma. Israel do them same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.10.17)
9. Get Yer Terms Straight
jim ,   Austin, TX   (12.10.17)
Neutralized until next prisoner swap?

Should be permanently neutralized forever!
10. May the guard make a speedy and full recovery-P G !
Alan   (12.10.17)
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