Israel and Turkey on a course of collision?
Itamar Eichner
Published: 12.12.17, 14:50
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1. Turkish Golem should be crapping his pants instead of palyin
Big Shot!
2. Turkish Jew I meet speak of institutional Turkish antismitis
3. Turkey actively support Terrorism why speak to them?
I am not a politician but the Israeli leadership seem unable to leverage Israel power and the facts and legal rights Israel has to the land.
Why not deny certain tech to nations in Europe and ..... who are hostile towards us in the UN.
Why are we pretending Abbas is moderate?

Time to wipe out the terrorists instead of allowing them to rule and oppress their own people?
4. Turkey supported ISIS and Hamas enough said
5. Erdogan is destroying the kemalist state in turkey but there
Tehraniporou   (12.12.17)
is nothing new under the sun and he is predictable which is a quality. Frankly it is funny that Turkey under the AKP remains a nato ally... Having said that, the other danger to the Israeli democracy and to middle east peace is nutty yahuuu who stayed long enough as pm. He should resign and spend quality time with his gifts and his family. I just hope that the sort of opportunist like bennett wont get elected anytime soon. Sexy Shaked PM.
6. Erdogans poltical gymnastics
Tim ,   Brighton   (12.12.17)
As an old Turkey hand..and watcher

Erdogan has recently directed one of the most fundamental changes in Turkeys geo-political position since WW2

A shift of direction away from the EU and N America toward Russia and the Iran/Syria axis

Whilst the Russia/Turkey relationship is solidifying, Turkey is increasingly suspicious and mistrustful of the Iran/Syria axis and Irans possible plans to install naval and missile bases in Northern Lebanon within direct reach of Turkey and North Cyprus

Turkey too seeks to maintain its sphere of influence inside Syria and North Iraq in direct contravention of Irans Shia military and RG who want what they regard as Turkish interference to cease

But that's not all

What is also being played out is the increasing suspicion in Turkey that Iran-Hezbollah are attempting to develop a 5th column of Shia activism (some suggest hundreds strong already) inside Turkey just as they have done in Lebanon, Bahrein, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan and the UAE..

The feeling from the Turkish Street is 'With friends like them....Turkey doesn't need more enemies'

And whilst Turkey and Israel don't see eye to eye and disagree vehemently on many issues they are far better communicating directly and openly when together than when apart

7. Is Israel finally done courting the Sultan?
Cameron   (12.12.17)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (12.13.17)
MULLAHS. Now, it is time to dance around and pretend to lik eother Muslims for teh sake of popularity. And the mass Turkish populations moslty warship this guy since inteligence is a hard to find Jewel to find in M.E
9. Hypocrite
When Erdogan's Turkey can do for the Kurds what is demanded of Israel for the Palestinians, then he may talk.
10. Jews who fled Russia in 19th century were the first Zionists
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.13.17)
11. Erdogan isn't stupid, he will buy gas from Israel by 2025.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.13.17)
Turkey will buy the gas as Erdogan will be gone by 2025.
12. Transportation Engineer
Richard Dougherty ,   Los Angeles, USA   (12.13.17)
President Erdogen has made himself Dictator Erdogen by amending the constitution! Erdogen has confiscated christian churches and seminaries. The Turkish Jews should leave! The young turks killed Armenian children!
13. Ottoman Empire was the most corrupt
Avi ,   Toronto   (12.14.17)
All Jewish community pay them toPasha a lot of money to be allowed to enter Israel
Point #2 in those day circumstances will be allowed shelter and transfer of Jews to Israel?
Point#3: Jews in Turkey contribute large in their economy as in all other Arab area of Magreb region , they gone the prosperity has gone.
Point#4 Turkey economical has a big debt , using as usually as smock screen to advert attention from it
Point #5 His paranoid behaviour motivated be power struggle for ME leadership as cut between Shitties and Sunnies will ended painful for him otherwise unity base on hate invite hate and self destruction

14. Christmas is here, get the turkey to roast.
The Archives   (12.16.17)
Like they say 'Never trust a turkey'. They can say until they turn purple red yet we must not cast our pearls at turkeys else they will turn around and nip your butts.
15. Making threat by rising fingers
Zeav Jabotnisky TLV ,   Tel-Aviv   (12.24.17)
Whenever there is demonstration against Israel by Muslims, they always raise their finger.
I would suggest to these stupid animals to put their fingers inside their fat
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