Netanyahu: Iran eyes sending 80,000 Shiite fighters to ME
Itamar Eichner
Published: 11.12.17, 19:18
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1. jerusalem
harvey gefen ,   toronto canada   (12.11.17)
europe is pushing israel to peace. how do you make peace w/ persons that are taught that all palestine is muslim land.; and who state the balfour declaration must be revoked .--they cannot recognize israel as a jewish state .furthermore their deal necessitates a rt. to return of refugees negating the state of israel. what makes it worse is the beliefs are religious and that is why the muslim world cannot accept a jewish state or capital in any part of palestine which is muslim land.this is the crux of the problem.otherwise why riot worldwide that israel has a capital in w.jerusalem? the rioting in countries that have never seen a jew show how deep is the religious indoctrination stereotyping the jews as one example only.
2. Please provide them with 80,000 body bags!
Koose E Mack ,   NYC Great Satan US   (12.11.17)
Israel should not have to pay for the cost of burying these Rats!
3. Mfr of plastic keys to Allahu Khara is going to be very busy
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.11.17)
Mfr - Manufacturer
4. Israel needs to stop pampering "Palestinians". They are foes
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.11.17)
Bibi is correct that the E.U. needs to stop pampering "Palestinians". But its almost a joke coming from him. Nobody pampers our mortal "Palestinian" foes as much as Israel's government.

While "Palestinians" maim, murder, demonize, boycott us and harm us in every humanly possible way, the mad flow of Israeli food, money, electricity, materials, work permits to them never stops. If Israel simply treated "Palestinians" the way normal nations treat their defeated foes, Israel could be enjoying at least our third decade of permanent peace.
5. Nutsyahuuu let's be grandiose, 250K fighters or more
Tehraniporou   (12.11.17)
that will force all the countries of the region to recognize the Iranian demands. The seizure of Kirkuk's oil field and their return to iraq which will cut a jv deal with iran is an excellent example. Hopefully one day that will yield billion and billion of dollars to the citizen of irans even if some of bearded thieves will buy a few chalets in san moritz.
6. Thank G-d they do!!! The big irony...
Gunnar ,   Warsaw, Poland   (12.11.17) is that ALL actors, (including the EU, the US, Israel, Russia, Iran etc) actually want the Assad regime to remain in power in Syria. As brutal as the dictator is, all other alternatives are worse.

So basically everyone is grateful that the right side is winning the Syrian civil war, and are secretly thanking Russia and Iran for they've done. Myself included!!!
7. 80,000 dead Shia terrorists
C   (12.11.17)
the cesspool of shia iran, obama's darling, will not stop until it starts
another world war.

forget not that the genocidal shia terror regime is allied with the rogue
regime of north korea.
these two genocidal states are collaborating to build nuclear
weapons and the ballistic missiles to deliver them.
moribund europe continues to trade with the shia terror regime,
while excoriating the jewish state.
europe always loved muslims who wanted to slaughter jews.
8. she is Iranian lover
jos rechtman ,   la   (12.12.17)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (12.13.17)
see? I guess she gets enough donations to keep her in love with them. It is amazing how these guys forget the history so they can make their paychecks.
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