Jerusalem recognition: A Jewish-Christian reconciliation
Daniel Friedmann
Published: 13.12.17, 23:44
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1. Christians should know,,,,,,,,
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.14.17)
who "the beast with the deadly wound" is of revelation 13:3 but they don't so they will go right to hell along with this lie, this abomination,,,,,,,the "Anti-Christ" who now sits on the throne in Jerusalem.
2. I see you changed the article,,,,,,,
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.14.17)
as well as content from the other day. Still, still and still Christians with no guidance supporting the Jew propaganda and missing the timely spiritual significance of,,, IT'S OFFICIAL,,,,,,, "The present world Anti-Christ is on the throne in Israel and Satan sits in god's seat in Jerusalem".
3. Threading dead waters here. Muslims can hardly claim
belonging to human species, much less to Jerusalem.
It is ordained 100% by the Jewish-faith to be Epicenter of our cultural/national/spiritual Universe.
Christianity has hijacked it for considerable time, so now they share ownership.
Islam must NEVER be allowed to get a permanent foothold in this place!
4. Underlining the lie
arye ,   jerusalem   (12.14.17)
This superb article comes to show the big lie of Jerusalem being the Palestinian capital. Even the Ottomans did not care so what is Erdogan's fury about ? As if history is only one hundred years old . Thanks Prof. Friedman.
5. Do we need really the recognition
Ben ,   Haifa   (12.14.17)
Do the Jewish people really needed this recognition?. I think not, for them it is was already there capital, and they will give it it never to the Palestinians. I have to agree with various opinions, this a well played move of Trump, on this moment the Israeli Government is in dept with Trump, in the next peace negotiations Bibi will be expected to do a positive move towards the Palestinians, If the Palestinians again reject the peace offer, Trump can concluded there is no negotiation partner.
In other words this is a slice and dice game, you do something positive you win, you do something negative you loose.
In the meantime the Palestinians are waving and shouting, and they have not yet considered the ball is now in there hands.
6. disproportionate
eddie ,   cape town   (12.14.17)
Disproportionate number of muslim states at the UN general assembly
7. Islam never had claim to Jerusalem
Tova   (12.14.17)
Jews and Christians know Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Islam doesn't have any claim, their mosques were built on top of Jewish synagogues when Jews were forced out of Israel by the Arabs. The koran has no mention of Jerusalem. The koran states Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, king david solomon, moses and even Jesus are of the islamic religion. We know Judiaism came first, christianity extension of Judaism. Islam is a jihad ideology no different than nazism. Secular and liberals don't care about truth.

The sad thing is Israeli Jews who are secular and liberal truly believe in GOD and know the Messiah will restore Israel. The Ultra Orthodox community do not believe in Israel. They think Israel will be established when Messiah returns. And yet Israel was promised to Abraham and Joshua entered and Jericho was conquered. Evangelical Christians know Israel is to the Jews first. and are more pro-Israel than the Ultra Orhodox.

There are very religious Rabbi scholar who also know the Christians.
Jews and Christians have been hand in hand for many years. The Catholic church in rome - vatican have a different view. This current pope francis is completely against Israel. Like Obama pope francis has aligned himself with Islam and this is disturbing to many catholic priests. Evangelical Christians have always aligned themselves with Israel. which is also recognized by the Israeli knesset.
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