Trump’s announcement a rare strategic opportunity
Amos Yadlin
Published: 14.12.17, 23:28
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1. The only "parameter" that matters is: There ARE no
Delphi   (12.15.17)
"Palestinians" nor will there ever be. Then, as if by magic, the rest will follow.
Once a beaten wife decides "no more", it's only a matter of choosing the proper means to achieve just that.
No More Arab Occupation of Israel!
2. Palestinians not interested in compromise.
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.15.17)
We constantly hear about Israeli or Palestinian actions affecting the peace process. This is nonsense. The Palestinians are not interested in any peace that leaves a Jewish majority state. Peace to them means Palestinian Muslim states only. They believe time and population numbers are on their side so that they don't have to compromise. They believe justice is on their side and they don't need to compromise. That's the reality not a non-existent peace process.
3. Christian & Muslim Fears
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (12.15.17)
Trump's announcement spoke to the fears Christians and Muslims of the region have about Israel and its political leadership. They fear treatment as subhumans to be done away with. Neither any Trump nor any Israeli government statement has addressed those fears. Rather the statements have stoked the fears, prompting the reactions throughout the region
4. Fears About USA
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (12.15.17)
Trump's announcement pretty much confirmed all the Palestinian Christian and Muslim fears of the US caring about any kind of equitable peace. And not one member of the US or Israeli government has said a word to allay those fears. Instead, the statements seem to confirm that Palestinians will never be offered an equitable peace.
5. The opportunity is beginning process of expelling all Arabs
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.15.17)
6. Living in a dream world
Jacob Edelman ,   New York   (12.15.17)
Indeed this is what happens when intelligent people start dreaming, forgetting the realities of life. No matter what Israel does, no matter how many smart arguments it advances to bully its way into suppressing the national aspirations of the Palestinian people, the fact remains the Palestinian people are there, the Arabs ( in all their variations are there) and Israel needs to live within this world, sooner or later. So Israel may have been able (SO FAR) to find a way to rope in the USA and some European countries, but let us not forget that no one likes bullies no matter what mask they wear!
7. Opportunity is to begin process repatriating Arabs to Arabia
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.15.17)
8. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.15.17)
lots of hot air all around. how many powerful countries include territory that does not rightfully belong to them? might is right and 10/10 of the law. so these same countries gang up on Israel. .as long as Israel is militarily strong very little will happen against her. pokes by missiles and jabs at assemblies. however, Trump, the master of the deal, may throw Israel under the bus to prove he has accomplished great things. this should be foremost of concern. not the threats of Abbas and his ilk. we shall see.
9. Speak as a normal state speaks to its vanquished foes
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.15.17)
Israel needs to abandon all the sick peace process B.S. with "Palestinians" and speak to them as a normal state speaks to its vanquished foes. As the Allies spoke to the Nazis and Japanese. The only thing Israel should speak to "Palestinians" about is the terms of their permanent departure from our land.
10. Yet one more distraction
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.15.17)
Just as we are getting over the last fiasco..the Al Aksa Metal Detector debacle (and Israeli MK Tibi HAS STILL TO ANSWER) with the mass Anti Israel demos in Amman used as an excuse to try to propagate an internal anti Hashemite backlash

The 'Jerusalem Capital' issue is yet another non issue blown up by Israel on the one hand and Palestinians on the other..to be milked for all its worth

Because it simply is a NON STORY. It involves the 'possible' relocation of some US Embassy offices to Jerusalem the centre of Israels Government

And with every Israel-Palestinian spat as in on cue...pop up the inevitable sewer rats ranting and raving desperate to score a few brownie points at home and drive feelings to fever pitch

Moral of story
Its time Israel and Palestinians together with stakeholders in the Arab world took control of the narrative, began some quiet and serious talking and not conduct this tiresome back and forth ping pong of playground insults and spats which impress no one and achieve NOTHING
11. this is spitting into the wind and calling it rain!
Katanga ,   Israel   (12.15.17)
If it were a REAL statement on Jerusalem and policy change then POTUS 45 would have ordered the US State Department to:
1. immediately change ALL birth certificates of ALL US Citizens born in Jerusalem read Place of Birth: Jerusalem, Israel
2. immediately change ALL US Passports of ALL US Citizens born in Jerusalem read Place of Birth: Jerusalem, Israel

Yes, "Jerusalem, Israel" instead of "Jerusalem, Jerusalem" which is what those two documents read today.

If it were a REAL statement on Jerusalem and policy change then POTUS 45 would move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem instead of signing his second (2nd) Presidential Waiver preventing that move for another 6 months.

In other words, POTUS 45 forces me to quote Minister Ms. Regev's: "Cut the Bull$hit!" Instead of palliative blah, blah! POTUS 45 should issue real policy changes for Jerusalem...because otherwise all he's doing is spitting into the wind and calling it rain!
12. oh pahleez! POTUS 45 is the world's greatest opportunist!
He isn't interested in Israel he's only interested in himself!
13. S. BenA$$i = use of argumentum ad hominum
a reader   (12.16.17)
he has nothing substantive to say because if he did he'd have to agree with Katanga at #11!
14. General yadlin all agreed except for one thing, israel does
Tehraiporou   (12.16.17)
not have a competent leader. It has nutsyyahuuu who is more interested about preserving himself than anything else...
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