Abbas plans to use conflict of interest clause against Jerusalem recognition
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.12.17, 23:45
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1. No doubt some Jewish lawyer pointed it out to Abu Adolf?!
2. Let's hope this will be the end of USA/UN relationship.
3. Israel's land already is divided
Piston Crankshaft ,   US   (12.16.17)
One sin that will eventually bring the judgment of God upon the Gentile nations is that, "they parted My land" - Joel 3:2.
This mold that is growing in Gaza and around the country of Israel will fester like a disease, of which it is until the judgments of God are unleashed upon the world, again as pointed out in Joel and the Revelation.
4. Scoundrel Rabin and his "epoch deal" with a devil
ab   (12.16.17)
5. End all Israeli recognition & support of "Palestine"
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.16.17)
Israel's problem is demonstrated in the very first sentence of this article. It refers to Abbas as the "Palestinian president". This is wrong in every way. There is no state of "Palestine", and never has been. Abbas is merely the mass murdering head of the terrorist P.A.

Israel can end this sick sham simply by ending all recognition and support for the fictional abomination of "Palestine". Israel is the one keeping it afloat by supporting the ludicrous peace talks with Abbas and by endlessly showering "Palestine" with food, money, materials, electricity, work permits etc.
6. Abbas is a total putz!
Adele Franklin ,   Haifa   (12.16.17)
Does this guy think he can stop what's happening? When it's over, he and the entire Palestinian population will be somewhere else, never to return.
7. This is what happens when you negotiate with terrorists
8. Laughable - Unelected dictator asking UN for land.
9. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.16.17)
any tactic but a real honest negotiated peace with Israel.
10. Russia should be worried over Syria involvement
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.16.17)
If Abbas's maneuver succeeds, then the U.S. will be able to disqualify Russia from vetoing condemnations of Syria's Assad (because of Russia's interest in its military base in Syria). For which Russia will never forgive Abbas. Also the point is approaching when Abbas provokes the U.S. into suspending all financial help to the PA.
11. Filing a UN complain.
The Archives   (12.16.17)
UN ambassador Nicki Hailley should lodge a complain with UNSC for allowing a country that supports terrorism against a democratic country Israel to dictate terms of declaration of an advanced nation of Israel
12. How to destroy peace.
tiki ,   belgium   (12.16.17)
Look & learn.
The many Palestinian leaderships are teaching you how it is done.

The "Palestine of Palestine" is getting more & more erratic by the day as his age is not working in his favor. So old with so little to show for.

When putting 50% of their effort to destroy peace into an effort to make peace......the new state of Palestine could be a wonderful place for Palestinian Arabs.

Their behavior proves one thing and one thing alone....

They don't want peace and no state of their own, they only want to destroy the Jews who outsmart them time after time.

Stupidity, jealousy & frustration are driving them!
13. a problem for obama but not trump
zionist forever   (12.16.17)
Even Obama would not be able to let the UN create a Pals sate and would us the veto and he probably would feel bad about it
Trump is ore likely to say using the veto is good for America so I will use it unapologetically.
14. Ah, tell me not, Jerusalem, i not a controversial issue
C   (12.16.17)
for three thousand years jerusalem has been a jewish city.
jesus the jew was born close to jerusalem and he died in
never has the city of david, seat of zion, been a muslim city.
yet the muslims have coveted, craved, hungered for this
holy jewish city.

like perverts in the casba, they yearn for the clean innocent flesh
of the city which they would tear appart for their pleasure.
they self hypnotise in their perverse dreams and make up
monstrous dreams and mythologies.

for three thousand years jerusalem has been a jewish city, seat of
zion, and so she shall be for eternity.
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