Bereaved families fume over ruling on terrorists' bodies
Ahiya Raved, Elisha Ben Kimon and Yishai Porat
Published: 15.12.17, 13:26
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1. Israel or Hamas
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (12.15.17)
Holding bodies hostage is no different whether done by Israel or Hamas.
2. We have some nasty Judges at the SC. Get them out of there!
3. the suprme court decisions can apppear blindd
jay   (12.15.17)
the court interprets and applies existing laws objectively. if it doesn't have a law on which to keep terrorist bodies, then it rules otherwise. i believe it has said the knesset should legislate a new law. netanyahu is very slow in this regard, just as he is slow to prepare the military. in fact, he does not prepeare or check on idf readiness--he leaves that to others.

so if the govt wants to keep the bodies for trade, then it must pass a new law period.

in the meantine, while israelis languish in captivity, dead bodies or alive, the supreme court loolks very bad.
4. Yusuf Amaran: Sending 20, 000 children to Hamas
A ,   OutThere   (12.15.17)
summer camp is worse than body snatching, it's child abuse.
5. If rape victims have no rights y should terror victims
Have super rights?
Either we are all equal before the law or the law needs to be changed
6. HCJ rulings are not in Israel's favour
The Archives   (12.16.17)
If all the great men of Israelite frm Jabotinski, Ben Gurion, Moshe Dayan. Yizhak Rabin would be lamenting from their graves at the ruling of HCJ and at the condition of Israel's courts of justice today
7. Terrorists' bodies should be cremated and ashes scattered.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.16.17)
never return a body. Let the family never know what became of the murderer. It will be as if he or she never existed. Returning bodies allows for sickening pilgrimages to the graves by other would-be terrorists.

Let all terrorists know that when they are killed, their bodies will be cremated and ashes scattered to the winds. No 72 virgins, nothing. (And that's in addition to the family home being demolished.)
8. Terrorists
david harel ,   Jerusalem   (12.17.17)
They should be buried wrapped in pig hide!! The immediate families shouod br striped of betuach leumi and lose citizenship homes bulldozed bm.death penalty for terrorist survivors only medical treatment in their own arab hospitals..
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