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New Austrian foreign affairs minister compared Zionism to Nazism
Itamar Eichner
Published: 17.12.17, 09:44
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1. English saying-"The pot calls the kettle black"
Alan   (12.17.17)
2. Comparison
DN ,   Payzac   (12.17.17)
She is dead right to make this comparison. The American people stood by New York after 9/11. How did the Jewish financial Mafia in NY thank them? With the subprime scandal and the repossessing of millions of poor people's homes.
3. Silly accusation about Nazism
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, israel   (12.17.17)
"In her book, My Middle East, she included a paragraph that was widely criticized by the country's Jewish community, in which she equated Zionism with Nazism. The contentious paragraph noted that Theodor Herzl's Zionist idea was based on the German nationalistic ideal linking a people and its homeland." Nazism did not exist during the lifetime of Herzl (who died when Hitler was just five years old), so it is silly to twist her words in this way.
4. Poor Comparison
The Archives   (12.17.17)
The Nazis didn't practise any human rights and dragged millions of Jews forcefully to prison camps. Then they exterminated most of the Jews inhumainly by gassing and some through other gross scientific ways. Did Israel drag thousands of Palestinians to concentration camps to die inhumanely? This accusations are without morals just as the accuser is.
5. A Euro cracker woman and Euro crackers in,,,,.
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.17.17)
this Middle East. This whole Middle East and so-called holy land was turned upside down when these Euro crackers and Euro-Amero "Fake Jew" crackers touched down on this soil and the world knows it.
6. Her mind is "open" on Israel: be sure that the brain has
fallen out long ago....
7. I bet her father was Nazi, probably friends with Waldheim.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.17.17)
Isn't amazing how this officer from a Nazi-loving country has the balls to make such a vile statement? Put an SS uniform on her and she easily looks like a goose-stepping moron. One only has to see how Israel has behaved over the last 70 years versus how Nazi Germany behaved when it was in power to understand how repulsive her statements are.

But then, we've come to expect such bilge from Austria,
8. This idiot dame is proof of Satan's power to promote his
Rivkah   (12.17.17)
followers to positions of authority. Nations get the leaders they deserve, so Austria is in deep trouble.
9. It is incorrect to call her anti-Semitic or anti Zionist
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.17.17)
The quote from the book is misinterpreted.

She was comparing Zionism to what she was familiar with most although such nationalistic notions were widespread in Europe at the time not only in Germany.

The fact that in Germany nationalism took a most extreme turn 30 years after Herzel death is a different matter.
10. what does it matter? Netanyahu & Likud love her!
11. Not my style of commenting but I cannot hold back .....
Arnie ,   Montreal   (12.17.17)
You are ugly inside. You are ugly outside. Somewhere inside there is a woman with a man's face with a bigot mind and hatred of heart. Comparing zionism to nazism you have no intelligence.
12. Austrian Foreign Minister....
Judy   (12.18.17)
+ Sweden Foreign Minister= Arian Selfie hahaha!
Netanyahu should promote Gal Gadot!!: i love politics
ps: a plus for Gadot is that Margot Wallstrom doesnt speak hebrew,
hahahaha im so funny!
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