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Regev pushes for extensive Old City excavations in Jerusalem
Itamar Eichner
Published: 18.12.17, 12:37
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1. Another crazy,,,,,
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.18.17)
delusional Euro cracker "Fake Jew" b-tch in politics. The "state" of Israel has em. It's the history of a "people" called "Palestinians" per say that were most definitely here on this land before this Euro-Amero "Fake Jew" cracker came. This sh-t and the presence of this Jew thing is no more than the hatred of a people.One thing for sure,,,, "the deeper you dig the blacker it will get".
2. I we dont the Arabs will surely destroy these sites
NOWisTheTime ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.18.17)
Anyone who opposes this is implicit in destroying the State of Israel
the Homeland of the Jew and part of the conspiracy of distorting
world history and the contribution to civilization of the Jews which
is the goal of all Anti Semites the history uncovered will not just
be Jewish history but Christian history as well. Any normal country
uses "Eminent Domain" to retrieve for history the treasures of the
world giving over an above compensation and comfortable conditions to those needed to be removed its done by the US and other nations . Anyone opposing this is dong it purely for anti Israel Anti Semitic reasons and none of their complaints will hold water The Majority of the Judeo Christian World wants these sites uncovered not plowed over and buried as they
would be in a Moslem Palestinian Capital. Sadly Arab Christians
here are implicit in this crime as well example The Pool of Siloam
half of it is owned by the Greek Orthodox Church which will n to
allow it to be excavated by Israel even though it is part of their
own religious story , yes madness and hate all rolled up together.
3. press
michael ,   toronto   (12.18.17)
dig baby dig make them Jew haters go naz
4. Regev pushes for extensive Old City excavations in Jerusalem
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (12.18.17)
What Israel has to acknolwledge is that even if they find the tablets of the 10 commandments with Moses's signature impressed with the date of 6 millenia ago at the walls of the 3rd Temple, the Arabs/UN and uncle Tom Cobbley and all will still deny the right and the existence of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
By all means excavate for Jewish antiquity but do not assume that all and any further evidence of our presence throughout history will alter the blindnes and hate of the Arabs in general and the so called Pals in particular will ever change their tune of ignorant denial.

5. Another great idea from Regev
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.18.17)
Regev's idea is a very good one. It is way past time for Israel to claim all of our land and stop paying homage to the evil fiction of "Palestine". It is utterly ludicrous that generations of Israeli leaders have allowed the malicious fictional "Palestinian" narrative to eclipse the true narrative of Israel as our Eternal Homeland.
6. she's hiring all of the Teva people to do the digging!
Bilbo Baggins ,   Israel   (12.18.17)
and BTW where is this Har Etzion? Did y'all mean Har Zion and the spell check pushed your dig all the way out and into the Administered Territories?
7. no 3rd temple needed...
Miri ,   Israel   (12.18.17)
that's where in the Bible or the New Testament is there a direct command from G-d that a 3rd temple needs to be built.
the demand for a 3rd temple is the battle cry of those looking for the rapture that will supposedly come along when the war of Gog and Magog at Har Megido (Armageddon) is started.
This is definitely crazy stuff put out by human beings and has absolutely nothing to do with worshiping G-d
8. Miri Regev is absolutely right
C   (12.18.17)
the old city of jerusalem has to be completely excavated.
9. A Moslem Capital there would destroy & bury our history
NowOrNeverDoIT ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.20.17)
The history uncovered is that of the entire Western Judeo Christian
World any sane nation with that much buried important history
wouldn't hesitate to take the land needed by Eminent Domain
as other nations do when the interest of the country is needed
recompence those affected with double the worth of the property
and resettle them nearby. One glaring example the Greek Orthodox
church viciously anti Israel owns half of the biblical Pool of Siloam
associated with both Jewish and Christian history it will not allow
their half of the pool to be excavated because if is pro Palestinian
and viciously Anti Israel this foolishness and weakness must stop
10. Yo, people: leave that brain-dead jerk Rob to his fate: he's
got troubles enough as is without us "the fake Jews" harassing him through TBs!
Poor sod......
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