Attorney general opposes death penalty for terrorists
Tovah Tzimuki
Published: 19.12.17, 11:29
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1. Death Penalty
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (12.19.17)
We NEED to instate the death penalty for terror related crimes, as well as those that commit crimes against children . People that feel it's OK to murder or maim innocence or harm children - don't deserve to live and should be stripped of any 'human rights' BRING IT BACK!!!!
2. In defense of The Death Sentence d
The Archives   (12.19.17)
It is imperative that death sentence be imposed on perpetrators of those who volunteerily cause violent gruesome deaths be sentenced to death so as to ensure that the same personp will not commit murder of other civilians again. It is definitely wrong to take a person's life but in order to keep civillians safe, it is only acceptable to put away wanton ppretrators will not commit murder again unless for defensive reasons
3. Death Penalty
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (12.19.17)
For terrorists > child abusers > animal abusers > Knesset members stealing from the State.
4. Those who are kind to the cruel
Joseph ,   USA   (12.19.17)
Will end being cruel to the kind
5. Video. Circulating YouTube,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.19.17)
of a masked Jew beating and attempting to stab to death a Jewish Israeli Rabbi, in the Israeli court the assailant got "community service",,,,,, LMAO. You just can't make this sh-t up. Only in Israel, "the only Democracy in the Middle East".
6. Execute ALL "Palestinian" terrorists upon capture
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.19.17)
There is no sane excuse for keeping "Palestinian" terrorists alive. Keeping these sadistic monsters alive GUARANTEES more Israelis will be maimed and murdered. It also guarantees more terror by would be terrorists inspired by Israel's ludicrous velvet glove treatment of terrorists. Execute every one of them within 72 hours of capture. Keep them alive just long enough for thorough interrogation.
7. idealists & generals are the biggest threat to security
zionist forever   (12.19.17)
If we executed terrorists it would mean they are never back on the streets to murder Israelis so the idealists ned to stop making morality arguments because terrorists are not interested in morality, all they care about is murder.
The IDF are also a problem, government brings in legislation allowing them to keep hold of the bodies of dead terrorists to use as bargaining chips but the IDF pushed the government to return the bodies unconditionally because the IDF are worrried they might be accused of organ harvesting so concern about foreign public opinion overrides security.
8. מוות למחבלים
Eli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.20.17)
Since Israel has decreed the death penalty only for "the heinous crime of genocide" and since Israel is first on the list of countries accused of "genocide", according to its own law, Israel is to be put to be sentenced to death. Logical, Mr. Watson. No! not logical - suicidal. What's more, it is not about isolated "terrorists". We are at WAR with the Palestinians over our country.
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