Before Gaza turns into Somalia
Nadav Eyal
Published: 19.12.17, 23:33
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1. "Living in hell" ?! Average lifespan greater than in Egypt
ab   (12.19.17)
Eyal ,Mother Theresa wannabe ,should worry about own country, not urging it going into footsteps of scoundrel Rabin .Again.
2. Idiots like this author shall forever preach the insanity of
reforming Islam/Muslims with the aid of hand-out money.
3. Gaza and West Bank Palestinians want to destroy Israel
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.20.17)
Humanitarian aid or not Palestinians want to destroy Israel. Improving the Palestinian economic situation won't bring peace unless Palestinians say so by word and action.
4. "The Gazans supported Hamas..."
Cameron   (12.20.17)
Why so they have, and by doing so have managed to turn their living space into an absolute Koranic shithouse over the years.

Self-inflicted wounds & misery they alone must carry.
5. Ain't nobody comin' as savior for that pesthole, Eyal
Cameron   (12.20.17)
Even the masked knave in the pic above knows that everyone has written that evil pit off.
6. This won't help
Expert ,   NY   (12.20.17)
First, Hamas didn't seize power. They were elected democratically. The civil war happened with the PA because the PA wouldn't relinquish power and tried cancelling the election. It is very sad that the residents of Gaza elected a terrorist group, but they bear responsibility for their choice. Nobody can intervene when the people want it this way. Even if you toppled Hamas, an identical group with a different name would assume power, and rule in exactly the same way. They would try building rockets and smuggling weapons into the strip, thus necessitating another blockade, etc. Nothing would change. Until the residents change their entire attitude, nothing can be done.
7. good idea. won't work
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.20.17)
Hamas will resist anyone or anything that replaces them. Their raison d'ĂȘtre is to destroy Israel and Jews. And if they agree to the plan, they will retake Gaza after everything is corrected.
8. Remember what Gaza was like before Israel fled?
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.20.17)
You can still find idiotic leftist leaders, on video, prattling about how wonderful life will be when Israel flees Gaza...Leftists were totally wrong about Gaza, just as they are totally wrong about every major issue.

Israel's flight from Gaza was an absolute disaster. Remember what Gaza was like before Israel fled? We had beautiful thriving Jewish communities. Today, we have the hellish result of another insane Israeli retreat. Just as we are living with the hellish results of our insane retreats from our South Lebanon Security Zone.

Nadav Eyal proposes the lunatic idea of dragging foreign nations into Gaza. We all know what their "solution" would be. More condemnations of Israel and boot kissing "Palestinians". This is our land and we've got to solve our problems ourselves.

Israeli retreat is the root cause of all our Gaza problems. The answer is to reverse that mad retreat. Retake Gaza forever and rebuild the beautiful Jewish communities there that we so insanely and wantonly destroyed.
9. Western Armies ran from Gaza border years ago
There were troops on the border as per last agreement. Between Gaza and Egypt they ran away first hint of trouble.
Lebanon they even helped Hizballah and hid the evidence from the IDF.
What next? bring in the Germans?

We are done with other nations supporting and enabling our death. Israel was created not only due to the Jews connection to the land but also so that we could stand up for ourselves. What happened to that?
10. Why would you want to turn Gaza into Somalia?!
C   (12.21.17)
do you want to play musical chairs?!

the titanic already sank, all on its own. the ice age did not contribute.
11. Why Somalia, why not Sahara??!!
12. Then what was last week's 50,000 person Hamas pep rally?
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.22.17)
Did the author already forget the pictures of Hamas supporters cheering their 'dire' predicament? If life was so terrible, nobody would be out celebrating Hamas. The simple fact is that most people of Gaza support Hamas. If they are so distraught, they will find the courage to overthrow the stooges. It's not up to Israel or Egypt to 'fix' Gaza. The UN and EU donors have given billions of dollars to make Gaza habitable. That Hamas chooses to screw their people is the problem that the UN should address, not perpetually whining about what Israel's latest 'offense' is.
13. Plan would Never Work
Mark ben Josef   (12.23.17)
The plan would not work. Israel would insist on control and an international force would not act under Israeli direction. Plus there would be no advantage to the international community to take the risks or the losses.
14. Let Gaza become Somalia and turn into ruins.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.24.17)
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