Soldier-abusing Palestinian teen said she 'may be a martyr'
Hassan Shaalan, Elisha Ben Kimon and Yoav Zitun
Published: 19.12.17, 21:20
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1. No that's too easy
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (12.19.17)
Just send her to Gaza
2. While a thousand Yazidis are butchered the world is fixated
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.20.17)
on a small group of trouble makers who want everything handed to them on a plate at the expense of Jews
Arabs do not know what human rights are - it is beyond there scope of experience - they only want to murder others
Have sympathy for the victims of Arabs
3. she hates so much that she doesn't love herself, a lost soul
I pity her ,   Israel   (12.20.17)
4. no she is
nahum514 ,   eilat   (12.20.17)
actually around 18 years of age by now
someone cannot remain 16 for more than one year.....let alone two or three.
5. This is the infamous "Shirley Temper" -- be clever with her.
Scott Adler   (12.20.17)
Hold her in jail under strict conditions for a couple of weeks and release her to house arrest with a nice Israeli family. After a few weeks of deprogramming, draft her into a cadet program.

My guess is that she will want to become an officer -- that will fix her racist parents.
6. Example of the sick Palestinian culture
Brian Cohen ,   judean peoples front   (12.20.17)
Once upon a time Palestinians were engaging, hospitable people (some of them still are). Then Oslo happened and the warped death-worship culture of Fatah was made official policy. Add on to that the even worse cultural policies after Hamas overthrew Fatah in a bloody military coup in Gaza.
Today, Palestinian culture is now defined as the worship of death and the pursuit of violence. There is no such thing as "peaceful Palestinian resistance" - that's just Palestinian propaganda to convince liberal conservatives who suck it up by the shipload.
The true face of Palestinian culture are these girls with knives in their hands trying to slit the throats of Israelis. Yes, it's an ugly picture but it's the true one.
Look at Palestinian social media. Look at Palestinian Authority policy: if this girl had stabbed the soldier, she and her family would be paid by the PA using EU and American donor funds.
"Palestine" is ugly. The world does not need such a state. Neither do the Palestinians who have been duped by their leadership.
7. "there will be more martyrs and I will be one of them.’”
A ,   OutThere   (12.20.17)
Good! One less terrorist breeding factory closed for business.
8. Of course, Porky Sherry the political ANAList
OutThere   (12.20.17)
can justify his comments as he witnessed the events as they happened, whilst devouring several boxes of donuts in the process.
9. OK enough with the theatrics
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.20.17)
Israel is the phoniest sh-t alive and walking right along with them Fakestinians. This sh-t will be in the Jew media for months. "OK enough with the theatrics".
10. just reward
steve s   (12.20.17)
She should be placed in a cell with the crazy woman who attacked the hospital security people.
11. 10 y. In prison.
Mr martyros   (12.21.17)
12. Angry Young Lady.
Doris ,   NYC   (12.23.17)
The IDF Soldiers that are assigned the occupied territories are in a tough spot.
They are the face of the Israeli Military occupation, and are resented by the occupied. I understand the child wants to fight back at her oppressors. But she is going too far, in my opinion. I don't know what the soldier did, in that instance to provoke her into slapping him. I don't know the circumstances surrounding it, but to me, just from the video, it does not look like the IDF Soldier did anything to warrant that. It's hard because the Palestinians have lived under U.S. backed Israeli Military Occupation for far too long. But a 16 year old child, should not be put into the position of deliberately antagonizing anyone, especially not an armed soldier. It's just a bad idea, that will not end well. She's a beautiful girl, very determined, she has traveled to Turkey, South Africa, greeted like a rock star in both countries. She is articulate, has both parents. The way that she is going about it, confronting soldiers, punching, there is a video of her attempting to punch a soldier, slapping a soldier, it is really just no good. Her parents should be a halt to this.
13. Usa
David   (01.24.18)
She looks like a white European settler
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