After US veto, UN General Assembly to meet on Jerusalem status
Published: 19.12.17, 23:17
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1. Bradley Burston of "Haaretz" swore he wasn't going to wash
ab   (12.19.17)
until "the rightful owners won't take over the Holy Al-Agsa and the rest of Al-Quds" ,
2. Why there cannot be Peace
Ed ,   USA   (12.19.17)
This resolution and the security council resolution say everything about why there continues to be a state of war between Palestinians and Israel. The poor Palestinian people are caught in the middle, and the world helps their "leaders" continue to oppress them.
3. Manager
Richard ,   Bombay   (12.20.17)
What I observed is that Most European countries, Canada and Australia is overwhelmed by the Muslims countries. Afraid and coward to say the truth. Does UN knows that many Christians are prosecuted, killed, raped, mock etc. by this intolerance people? Look what they did in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Iraq, Syria and many other countries in this world. Have the UN made any strong resolution to protect Christians? Are you people in the UN just a bunch of clowns or zombies
4. No one is forcing any country to follow the USA to Jerusalem
DOV ,   USA   (12.20.17)
Ridicules waste of time.
5. UNGA has no authority to admit or regognise states
C   (12.20.17)
according to the united nations charter, only the unsc can admit new
members into the un.
the unsc must first recommend the admission of a new member and
only after the unsc recommends admission, can the unga vote on
6. A UN rare, special, emergency session!!!!!!!!!!!
tiki ,   belgium   (12.20.17)
Has WW3 broken out?

Worse.......It's about poor Palestinians, wicked Israeli's & mean Americans and Jerusalem, the ancient capital of the Jews.

In the United Nations Against Israel,
P A L E S T I N I S M has become the legitimation of Anti Semitism.
7. There is no peace process to hurt
Steve ,   Tel Aviv   (12.20.17)
They are saying the decision by the USA will hurt a peace process that has done nothing in over 20 years. When was the last time Israel and the pals sat and talked about peace? So how can this hurt a non existing process?
8. facts
steve s   (12.20.17)
Let's get some facts straight ....... UN General Assembly resolutions are non-binding, therefore the emergency special session will only be a waste of time and money. Palestine, as a non-member state, cannot call for the special session therefore Turkey will do it for them. This is the same Turkey which invaded and occupied Cyprus in 1974 and ignores UN Security Council resolutions 541 and 550, which are binding, regarding the removal of Turkish troops from North Cyprus and declaring it a non-entity. Turkey cannot be any more hypocritical. The Arab world cannot be any more farcical.
9. We Jews must start acting like sane self respecting people
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.20.17)
Lieberman recently admitted that Israeli protection is the only reason the P.A.'s head mass murderer, Abbas, is still alive. Think about that for a minute. Abbas has the blood of the sadistically murdered Munich victims, and many other Israelis, on his hands. Yet instead of executing this monster, Israel is keeping him alive!

Israel is also insanely keeping the "Palestine" issue alive. The murderous P.A. was created by the Labor Party during the Oslo Disaster. The P.A., and evil fictional "Palestine", would disappear within weeks without the constant mad flow of Israeli food, money, materials, electricity, work permits, protection and other support.

Israel is the only nation, in human history, to support its foes as they try to destroy us. I don't know how we ever reached this level of insanity, but it must end. We Jews have got to start acting like normal sane self respecting people!

10. Wasnt major change in policy another lie on Ynet
Numerous US leaders have said the same thing. Carter may even be one of them.
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