Israel denies targeting Gazan amputee in riots amid UN outcry
Published: 19.12.17, 23:57
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1. So What
DSM ,   USA   (12.20.17)
The hell with him. If he were able to kill an Israeli he certainly would do so.
2. We were aiming at the "lower part" that's where his head was
3. Ibrahim Abu Thuraya own problem
labib taha ,   Ramallah   (12.20.17)
It was Ibrahim Abu Thuraya own problem; since he lost his lower part, then his lower part is his chest, or head, congratulation for Israel's Army.
4. Fascists
Me   (12.20.17)
5. Not worth a inquiry
Talula   (12.20.17)
He chose to go. Probably killed by a Palestinian we know how trigger happy they are.
6. Ynet do research MSM reported him as terrorist years ago
He was a member of force 17 - He was shot in the leg likely by hamas.
RT describes him as a Colonel in Hamas.
RT interviewed his brother who was told he would not return that day. He was possibly killed as part of Pallywood.
British "newspaper" Independent spoke of him in 2005.
He was a terrorist who seems to have got injured in battle. Shame on you Ynet for posting more Reuters lies.

Remember one of the reasons there is so much hostility towards Jews and Israel is based on lies about Israel and Jews. Sadly you are adding to these problems.
7. He was Force-17 terrorist + Colonel in Hamas
8. RT reports he told his brother he wasnt coming back
9. Media propaganda is inciting violence with lies - Ynet stop
10. Reuters - No credibility as a factual source of information
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