Opinion  Yoaz Hendel
War on corruption must not be left to the Left
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 22.12.17, 23:51
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1. It is a sure sign of mass psychosis if Mr, Hendel suddenly
got affected as well.
Too sad to contemplate.
Seems that (like in that joke about a drowning man on the roof, in a flood) no matter how many signs& help we get from "Above" the Jews just cannot get their shit together and use it to their advantage.
The Imaginary Friend gave us Donald Trump, and "Bibi": what do we do?
Squander it all, thus probably enabling Oslo@ & our own demise.
2. attending the demonstration against corruption in Jerusalem
joey low ,   new york, us   (12.23.17)
please explain what you feel about deporting refugees and asylum seekers, because to me that seems against everything our jewish religion teaches us about helping the stranger among us. thanks. joey low
3. All very well,but avoiding the core problem
Disillusioned   (12.23.17)
Mr Hendel would have done better to say that the right has a place in the Rotschild protest,and that instead of objecting to the few left-wing anti-settlement posters, it needs to include pro settlement settlers who proclaim that settlement is fine but the corruption in THIS is not.

Instead, we are once again dividing the nation into two opposing camps instead of showing the country that it is possible to unite against their own elected representatives abusing their power to the detriment of all.

Get out there and state that no matter which side of the political divide you sit, you will not abide with those within your own camp who are giving your ideals a bad name by acting in a manner that is contrary to the values your prty stands - or rather - once stood - for.

By separating yourself, Mr Hendel, simply because you can't be seen with people who vote or believing differently to you, but who are sickened by what they are seeing in the 20th Knesset and throughout the business world, you are weakening the argument.

We have lost our ability to be one nation under one flag and under one banner of disgust against the rampant corruption that is being overseen, and overlooked, by your elected officials. It is those officials - all if necessary - who must be replaced by politicians who undertake to do their business cleanly.

It makes no difference if Binyamin Netanyahu is on your political side. He is, over the years, become corrupt. And whether he represents everything you politicaly stand for or not, he must be replaced. The left can call for their side to be the replacement, but the right must also produce a straight replacement.

Your fundamental argument for separating right from left instead of right from wrong is flawed. Take your protest to Rothschild, proclaim that you love Likud but hate what is being done to it, and that those responsible for the shame must be replaced with better, healthier stock.
4. Hendel is helping left destroy Israel over cigars!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.23.17)
The leftists, BDSers and other Bibi haters know Labor can likely win an election if they can get rid of Bibi. Than Labor can get back to continuing it's Oslo campaign of dividing Jerusalem and turning Israel into a defenseless 9 mile wide concentration camp. Israel's enemies can only dream of harming Israel as much as the Labor Party has. Hendel is a leftist dupe who is helping the left destroy Israel. All over cigars!!!
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