Trump threatens to cut aid to UN members over Jerusalem vote
Associated Press, Reuters
Published: 20.12.17, 21:18
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1. The corrupt gold diggers...
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.20.17)
... are about to be TRUMPED.

2. Hope Israel'll do the same with Senegal receiving millions -
ab   (12.20.17)
and ALWAYS voting against. Last time Israel only threatened with it-but then Bibi folded and Senegal is still getting substantial Israeli help.
3. Hardball as needed
Cameron   (12.20.17)
And they know he ain't playin'.

Act as we wish in this particular matter or take one helluva hit in terms of Yankee $ coming your way.

4. Trump causing world instability and cold war
5. How interesting!
A ,   OutThere   (12.20.17)
The first parasites to squirm are the "palestinians" and the despotic supporters of Hamas and Daesh, Turkey. That's already an annual saving of over $500 million by cutting these leeches out of their handouts.
6. Mr
Luigi Farmosa ,   Parma   (12.20.17)
Finally a US president has the courage to tell all these arab nations:
Don't bite the hand that feeds you!
Next step is to stop funding the UN and watch it collapse.
Then start a new UN where all states sponsoring and/or glamourizing terrorism are excluded.
Keep up the good work Mister President.
7. US spends too much money on ungrateful nations, EU
C   (12.20.17)
this vote in the un, denying us sovereign rights, was especially egregious.

the us has always been generous with its blood and treasure, but
it was never reciprocated in the slightest.
europe is spoiled and haughty, while the muslims are blackmailers.
8. POTUS 45 needs to see who will support them if USA doesn't
just sayin' ,   Israel   (12.20.17)
for example he should examine who has purchased the foreign debt of many South American countries ... that would be Iran.
for example he should examine who sells weapons to USA's enemies ... that would be China and Russia.
meaning that POTUS 45's brain is as small as his hands.
meaning that all of you TBers supporting this move are as small brained as POTUS 45
9. POTUS 45 makes a populist (bad) move
Veritas Invicta ,   Israel   (12.21.17)
Nations will vote as they please...they will get their money from USA's enemies.
This man has no idea how to play chess...the POTUS fills his brain with ridiculous fake news and fake facts.
Nations who vote as they please will find funding elsewhere.
10. World diplomacy
Jacob Edelman ,   New York   (12.20.17)
When the US Ambassador to the UN Nick Haley uses threats at the Security Council and then the US President endorses and congratulates her for that language, you wonder whether the word diplomacy has any place or meaning in this current US administration. Trump and company have just joined the North Korean dictator in being one of the rare species making bullying the official sign language of an otherwise mute and dumb political leaders.
11. Mr
Steve Gure   (12.21.17)
I can not be more proud of Trump and the USA
12. To many signs,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.21.17)
indicate that this man Donald Trump a white German, a US president who sanctions Russia(Gog and Magog) meddling in US affairs is indeed the Anti-Christ. He dies his fake hair every 2 weeks, talks with his hands to damn much, teeth can't stay in mouth unless riveted in and drinks to many diet cokes.His children are all phonies. He has a son in law who's father's a felon and this son in law who has no experience in diplomacy nor politics is suppose to bring peace to the Middle East. Trump is a hustler, con man and liar, his father hated his ass. There will be no Embassy move during his first term in office, the State Department said so and the racist Israeli government know it will be a demographic, ethnic and infrastructure nightmare. Trump has set himself up as an illusion as with this new US Tax Relief. Evangicals, the "Fake Jew" cracker and the world have all bought this illusion, time is Donald Trump's worst enemy,,,, he is the Anti-Christ .
13. jeez ......
steve s   (12.21.17)
I don't believe in threats as a reaction ........ however why should the US provide any aid to a nation which opposes the US views. Granted, the US isn't always right, but on significant matters it's time for those nations to step up to the plate. Will Russia, Iran or Turkey replace the aid funding? Hah ...... I think not.
14. That endless flow of Yankee gold hanging in the balance
Cameron   (12.21.17)
President Trump casts his dour eye upon the UN, and truly lays it on the line.

Everyone shall be tested in this vote.

Heavy consequences.
15. Veritas kakas
Jon ,   Herzliya   (12.21.17)
Let them get their funding elsewhere then...
SHEIK RATTLE & ROLL   (12.21.17)
He is weakening America. Imagine if Obama said that when BIBI was bashing him left and right. He still gave Israel 40 billion dollars regardless of what BIBI said. To all you simpletons that support Trump you are delusional if you think this makes America great again. Not one country will stand with the US and Israel and that is embarrassing.. What makes America great is it's soft power behind the scenes. to persuade nations to support it causes. No one respects a bully.
17. O RLY?
shmulke ,   w. coast USA   (12.21.17)
Who's going to pay the upkeep of the UN? North Korea? Iran? The USA is a sovereign nation. They can put their embassy wherever they want, and all the b!tching and moaning in the UN doesn't mean squat.
18. what will hurt just as much....
david ,   hadera   (12.21.17)
Is Israel taking away its cyber security and technological and agricultural wont get THAT from the Chinese and Russians
think about that
19. POTUS 45 is running up the deficit, send him your pennies.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.21.17)
20. shmulke wrong! Iran been purchasing foreign debt since 1989
Shmulke who were the presidents between then and now?
21. Shmulke does Reagan's Iran-ContraGate ring a bell?
yep twas Reagan who started this! but then you are too ignorant to know that there is entire history of the USA prior to Obama
The President is the best thing to happen to the USA ,Israel and the world for a long time, may he live a long healthy life and be blessed.
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