Opinion  Alex Fishman
The new threats at the end of the tunnel
Alex Fishman
Published: 23.12.17, 23:55
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1. It doesn't matter.....
DSM ,   USA   (12.24.17)
who leads Hamas, the result will always be to kill Israelis or to kidnap them for preposterous exchanges. What is bothering is not that they are seeking new methods, but rather that someone like Lieberman is interested in moderate responses that won't lead to escalation. That in itself put Hamas in the driver's seat and Israel always on the defense. Defense may be good in football, but not in winning wars and Israel, regardless if their leaders will admit it, is at constant war with the surrounding Arab countries. It will never stop until Israel is defeated or Israel's leaders come to realize the country will eventually be overrun from outside or from the birthrate of non Jews in Israel and therefore go on such an offense as to insure her enemies are afraid to attack or harass. There will never be a better time than with Trump as the President of the U.S.
2. Armed Quadcopters - IF used as described in the article...
SM ,   In the West   (12.24.17)
Means that the IDF will do the same - with even better results... the whole of Gaza skies can be drones watching and dropping bombs on muslim terrorist thugs...its not a good idea.
3. Look at the child at the pic: Israeli dhimmi docs would and
ab   (12.24.17)
have done,no doubt, everything in their power to keep him healthy, and the Gaza goon, the parent, had no compunction about sending him for a free prima medical treatment in the "Zionist entity" so eagerly paying the dhimmi tax to the Believers.
4. What a staggering waste of coin on those now defunct tunnels
Cameron   (12.24.17)
Fool Arabs, you deserve to live in that Gaza squalor.

Man, now that is the face of pure malice that pic of this Sinwar character.

That barbarian needs to be helped into The Great Beyond.

Good rundown of Gaza status by Fishman.
5. your goverment is fanning the flames
epo   (12.24.17)
you wish so much, there would be something "substantial" coming from "the strip"...

its over.

3 states - soon.
6. Hamas calls for global Genocide of Jews in Charter
7. Maybe an article how to get rid of them like ISIS
8. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.24.17)
cat and mouse game. positive is that Israel develops tactics and hardware to sell abroad. silly Arabs. masses of money they get and spend could be used to build a better economy. the people would be miles ahead. hell on earth with rewards in heaven. not a sane deal. pity.
9. I didn't even read this sh-t,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.24.17)
the idiots in the comment section are quite interesting.
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