Trump is dividing Jerusalem
Benny Cohen
Published: 21.12.17, 23:29
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1. Mr. Cohen, please remove the sand from your vagina.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.22.17)
2. Yeah Right - it was better to pass a resolution at the UNSC
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.22.17)
declaring Jerusalem belongs solely to the Arabs with Israel having no connection to Jerusalem whatsoever - leaving no doubt and no need for any negotiation
With Trumps declarations - suddenly everyone wants to negotiate a small piece for the Arabs
Well done President Trump - although he haven’t moved the embassy yet - you are the first President to recognize a Jewish claim to it’s ancient Temples rather than your predecessors who sacrificed all Jewish claims as an appeasement to the Arabs in return for - NOTHING

3. Even before,,,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.22.17)
Israel was established as a state, Jews have been put out of 110 countries and it will be no surprise if they are put out of the Land of Canaan. Israel is truly "The Burdensome Stone.
4. How long....
tony ,   Jeffreys Bay   (12.22.17)
does it rake Ynet to WAKE UP. When he said 'jerusalem' I just switched the TV OFF. Of course he's dividing Jerusalem. durrrrr
5. Shame opunion
Avraham ,   NY   (12.22.17)
Shame to late Rabin.
6. Doesnt Oslo deny Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem?
Is there any part of the Oslo Accord which was actually followed through with by the Palestinians, let alone any part they haven't also broken?
7. Jerusalem is Israel's forever, as is all this land!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.22.17)
Trump's move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital is driven primarily by the long standing desire of Americans to do so and crucially the demand of Trump's vast fundamentalist Christian base for Jerusalem to be Jewish. None of the movers, behind Trump's move, will tolerate the division of Jerusalem for the sake of fictional "Palestine". Nor will Israelis.

Cohen's interpretation of Trump's move is sick and can only be the product of a self hating Jew, who will try any excuse to degrade and endanger Israel. The division of Israel won't be allowed. It's Israel's forever, as is all this tiny land!
8. the limbo of Jerusalem had to end
Cameron   (12.22.17)
The endless sour dueling over it's fate had to be broken.

Fate decreed it would be Donald Trump to make the grand move.
9. oh Benny Benny Benny
oh Benny - shame on you, Y-NET and the title you picked out for your article ("opinion"). Why don't you start by looking into your last name and understand its meaning and what Trump has really done. your words and "analytical thinking are off tangent. its too bad that a Cohen is a JEW HATER.
10. this guy has no plan, on nothing. IL pressured him into this
epo   (12.22.17)
only to help him out of his various affairs, it seems.

he is vulnerable, he can and therefore will be blackmailed also in the future.

ok so far, who cares what those yanks do.
but such ppl mustnt have a veto right in the international community. its ridiculous.

the whole community voted against and then the US vetoed their own decision.

what does this have to do with democracy?

the US RAPED DEMOCRACY with this.
11. Hi JVC
Stan ,   Israel   (12.22.17)
So you think that this article is all bulls-t. Now don't be lazy, list all the comments which are untrue.
12. Author is a lost cause
David ,   New york   (12.22.17)
President trump comes to help us and make a stand which noborior president was willing to do and you use this to attack him.
Kinda retarded.
Until now, no Israel sovereignty over Jerusalem was accepted. Trump never said Jerusalem should be divided, only that Israel and the Palestinians need to work out things together (i.e. Without the UN or Us pressuring Israel)
13. Get another writer this one stinks.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.22.17)
14. The author doesn't present any facts supporting conclusion
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.22.17)
15. Mr
Daniel Freedman ,   Tzfat   (12.22.17)
Once again, leave it to ynet to display a anti-israel, anti-jewish bias. If you hate Israel, leave Israel. You won't because you don't just hate Israel but you are dedicated to the destruction of Israel. We know you, every generation you have been there to destroy the Jewish People. You have already lost
16. Idiotic article, written by a trembling Jew. This is exactly
what's wrong with our gene-pool:Leftist cretins masquerading as 'thinkers".
No "Balestinian" Jerusalem since there are no "Balestinians", capisce?!
17. Benny doesn't not connect the dots, CNN style
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (12.22.17)
ECI Legal Counsel Andrew Tucker wrote that "the draft resolution tabled by Jordan adopts the position that Israel has no legitimate claim over any part of Jerusalem. It is unreasonable for Jordan now, given its conduct between 1947 and 1967, to be allowed to put back on the table a position that it chose in 1947 to reject by seeking to annihilate the Jewish state”.

18. There is some logic to this = Born in Jerusalem ............
19. Benny: good points; ignore the right-wing Neanderthals
Rafi ,   US   (12.22.17)
20. Jerusalem - Chris-Holy City
tom lavin ,   sarasota   (12.23.17)
Mr Cohen, don't forget that Christianity holds Jerusalem high as their holy city too, just as the Christian bibles record. So, as a Christian himself, Trump knows that voicing his belief would be even more divisive than you already are claiming. In order to be non-intrusive and without leaning one way or the other, Trump has rightfully withheld imposing his thoughts or tweets regarding the future of the Holy City. If Trump had voiced his opinions on the division or centralization of Jerusalem you would have faulted him on his interference in what should be an Israeli, Palestinian and
Christian, main parties, decision and plan for 2018 and beyond. So, rather than blasting Trump, let us hear your opinion of how Jerusalem should be structured, inhabited and operated.
21. Jerusalem the undivided Capitol of Israel
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.24.17)
then now and eternally.

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