Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
'Innocent protestor' killed by IDF was a terrorist, told his family 'I Intend to be a martyr'
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 22.12.17, 12:46
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1. Palastinian snuff hero
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.22.17)
2. The man was handicapped
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.22.17)
Ben-Dror Yemini go back to Yemen and help your Hothi blood brothers get out of that shia(propaganda) bullsh-t Iran has them plunged in instead of you being a "Fake Jew" in the "state" of Israel with this Jew propaganda shia sh-t here.Donald Trump makes fun of the handicapped and now your wicked ass. Find something positive to do,,,, "Fake Jew".
3. Kol ha kavod
Amit ,   Be'er Sheva   (12.22.17)
Kol ha kavod to Ben -Dror Yemini for exposing the lie of the supposedly innocent "martyr".

Time will tell if there is proof of how he was REALLY killed - I find it interesting that he was clearly being used as a human shield in Reuters' photo (https://images1.ynet.co.il//PicServer5/2017/12/15/8219803/82198020100686640360no.jpg).

He probably had an IED rigged with a 5.56mm bullet hidden under his cap to fake a bullet wound from the appropriate direction.
4. The Ynet way - only research by 3rd article on subject
Most of whats written could have been found from the beginning with a few minutes research. Who is working at this newspaper? Why do you continuously join the global attacks on Israel by the media instead of doing your job and getting the facts from the start?

Pally-wood is a policy not an outlier.

This could be intentional to increase views which is an interesting tactic.

I just dont get it a simple search online could have given you this article and even an in depth piece on this person and his history. Why wouldnt you do that instead of going the reuters/ap route?

This seems to be a continuous pattern in this website and there are numerous examples over time and with major stories.

Often the first reports become the narrative and a case like this could lead to a sharp increase in violence where the media is too blame for spreading lies in the first place.

I cant understand your policies, unless its ideology and narrative over facts and journalistic integrity.

Post this either way or not, I just wish you would pay more attention to how your reporting can actually lead to life and death situations created by the reports themselves.
5. Palywood at its best. An Oscar deserving performance of lies
Incredulous   (12.22.17)
innuendo, and obfuscation. Predictably, the shrill British media swallowed the twisted Pal version of events hook, line, and sinker without a minutes worth of fact checking.
6. But Al-Dura a complete fake is still reported as factual.
Zippy's Used Cars ,   Levittown, NY   (12.22.17)
7. in 2005 Abu Thuraya was just 16-17 year old
Nick   (12.22.17)
I doubt he was a member of an elite force like Abbas' Force 17 which was not considered "terrorist" by israel. in fact that Abu Thuraya of 2005 said "they (Hamas) should not have fired at Israel". so why do you say he was a terrorist? Force 17 was part of the security apparatus of the PA!
8. Doctor Goebbels applauds to Yemini
Boris Haroussy ,   TLV   (12.23.17)
1. The "research" is ridiculous and proves nothing. Russia Today is a propagandist channel, it's a shame to relate to it.
2. Shahid is also a "victim". This double amputee who earned his living as a car washer, saw his life as futile and obviously wanted to put an end to it, which explains why he was bidding farewell to his family. As a wheelchair bound, he was harmless and only wanted to die beautifully for his land (like Trumpeldor with his famous words "It's good to die for your homeland"). Looks like he planned to commit a suicide by a soldier, similar to suicide by a cop.
So to make Israel beautiful the journalist tells his readership that the man was actually a terrorist and even a colonel (read the "research"). You can write whatever you want in Hebrew and the brainwashed people of Israel will swallow it (Cry, beloved country!), but publishing this in English is a shame.
9. Shameful: Palestinians trying the same stunt AGAIN
Tomer Ilan   (12.24.17)
Shameful: Palestinians abusing another disabled person by rolling him in his wheelchair to the border to hurl stones at security forces inside Israel. Probably trying to get him injured or killed to get a 2nd "Martyr" for propaganda after Abu Thuraya

10. "palestinians" must be running out of little kids
A ,   OutThere   (12.25.17)
to antagonise the IDF and star in Pallywood propaganda films, now they are sending cripples. What will they send next, moustached grannies?
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