Right-wing to hold anti-corruption rally in Jerusalem
Published: 23.12.17, 20:02
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1. 2019 interview with Ya'alon in (what's left of) Jerusalem
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.23.17)

Using lies and hoaxes, the Labor 'Zionist Union" Party managed to drive Bibi from power over cigars, with the cooperation of rightist dupes like Ya'alon and Hendel. Lacking a leader of stature, Labor easily defeated Likud and Gabay became the Prime Minister. Gabay stood by his determination to say whatever had to be said to win.

Gabay immediately held peace talks with murderous thug, Abbas, in which Gabay ceded West Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to "Palestine". Israel had been turned into a 9 mile wide concentration camp with almost 7 million Jews.

"Palestinians" immediately began to bombard every part of Israel with rockets. Worse, hundreds of thousands of hostile soldiers, from Iran and elsewhere, massed in "Palestine" for the leisurely 3 hour march to cut Israel in half. "Palestinian" hotels are booked solid with Neo Nazis, from around the world, eager to see the destruction of Israel.

Journalist: What's happening, Ya'alon?

Ya'alon: It's over. Israel is doomed. We're losing our sole tiny Homeland.

Journalist: Is there any good news at all?

Ya'alon: Only one good thing. We sure taught Bibi a lesson about fancy cigars. I have highly credible reports that Bibi has never smoked a single expensive, fancy cigar since we helped the far leftists, BDSers and Marxists drive him from power.
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