Thousands take to the streets to protest corruption
Asaf Zagrizak, Yael Friedson, Ahiya Raved
Published: 23.12.17, 20:21
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1. if the protest organizer is "yoaz hendel" or similar ilk
epo   (12.24.17)
you dont go there

your protest has been infiltrated.
that was it now.
2. Mr
Daniel Freedman ,   Tzfat   (12.24.17)
In the last 8 years, at 60 I and my wife who was cancer survivor recently, in katzrin were robbed of 10,000 $ local police booked me instead of the thieves as they are all friends. Nahariya I was scammed, my things held captive until I paid city movers more money. When I complained, a guy 3x younger beat me unconscious on the street near city hall. The police refused to charge him. The mover a local mob guy I didn't know about as new oleh.
I'm so happy to see these protest for ending corruption, I only wish that I knew about them.
Coruption destroyed my live after waiting years to make aliyah
3. The Spoiled "Elite" On parade in TA the Losers in Jerusalem
TheDissapearingLeft ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.24.17)
Demographics Demographics Demographics ....soon Rothschild Blvd
will be filled with religious couples pushing their baby carriages as
the remnant of the corrupt Left look down on them from their really do have to feel a bit of their pain ..don't ya ?
4. It's a miracle! Left & right unite to oust Netanyahu!
Hot Dang...Netanyahu finally got all of us together! and now it's time for him to retire!
5. There is no such thing as a silent majority
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.24.17)
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