Guatemala announces Jerusalem Embassy move
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.12.17, 09:23
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1. jerusalem
victor   (12.25.17)



Saoudi Arabia?
2. Season Greeting
Zeav Jabotnisky TLV ,   Tel-Aviv   (12.25.17)
May G D bless the President of USA Donald Trump, and wish him and all the family Merry X'mas and Healthy New Year.

3. Who in the F is Guatemala?
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (12.25.17)
This is probably the extortion of these poor ignorant Guatemalan people by Bibi for Elohim's(nature) drowning that Euro cult "Fake Jew" Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans that infiltrated the country then drowned in Mexico. The US will never move their Embassy there, so how in the hell will this ignorant extorted Morales man, the president going to make a infrastructure move in Jerusalem and furthermore who is going to pay for it,,,, the "UN"?. LMAO and so is Issac the prophet.
4. Todah
Adasa ,   Los Angeles   (12.25.17)
Thank you Guatemala ð゚メヒð゚メ゙ð゚ムマ
5. 2 funny! until 3 years ago Guatemalan Embassy was...
ABT ,   Israel   (12.25.17)
here in the Katamon neighborhood in Jerusalem.
So where did they move to that they are now in the position where they can move back and make capital from the Americans out of it?
6. tired of hearing all this blessing of Trump. May G-d give
Trump exactly what a corrupt non-tax paying philander deserves!
7. Guatamala has a righteous President who is wise beyond words
Rivkah   (12.25.17)
to want what haShem wants, haShem who has seen Yerushalayim as the Capital of Israel since the beginning of the nation of Israel long ago.
8. President Morales knows what is true and what is right
C   (12.25.17)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (12.26.17)
There will be more to follow and there is nothing you can do about it. Unless you tell your Plai friuends to become part of Jordan and Egypt. You can write your garbage insults. The reality is there, no matetr how much you like your Jihad.
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